Gator Attacks Biker in Florida

gator Attack

43 year old motorcyclist from Newark, DE was attacked by inanimate alligator in front of Gainesville Harley-Davidson in Gainesville, FL. The victim was not seriously injured in the catastrophic incident. However he is being treated for mild brain damage unrelated to the attack. Details to come.

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4 Responses to “Gator Attacks Biker in Florida”

  1. Funny pic, love your caption! Worthy of the Onion News.

  2. Now that’s funny. Now let’s see another one of you kicking that gator’s ass!

  3. Pretty sad when an inanimate gator sneaks up on you. Glad you’re getting treatment. Hate to see you attacked by pink flamingo lawn ornaments next!

  4. Thanks Dave and ID. I let my guard down for a second and this thing sneaks up on me. It happened too fast for me to remember how it got ahold of my arm. The pink flamingo was just laughing and a pig wearing a Gainesville HOG Chapter riding vest and mardi gras beads watched in dismay.

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