Vintage American Motorcycle Quiz


I have a theory that male motorcyclists automatically develop an interest in vintage motorcycles the minute they get involved with motorcycling. I’m not sure why, but I think there is something genetic in our wiring that men inherit more than just the love of riding when they enter this sport. On the other hand there are parts of the sport that females inherit that we don’t such as empowerment. I have been a little more interested in vintage motorcycles of late. Especially American iron. This is a result of recent books and DVD’s coming my way for review that inspect the history of American motorcycling. The sport itself is rather young, only about a hundred years.

  1. Which company started producing motorcycles first: Harley-Davidson or Indian?
  2. Who were the founders of the Indian Motorcycle Company?
  3. What year was Indian founded?
  4. What was the original name of the Indian company?
  5. Where was Indian founded?
  6. What year did Harley-Davidson start making motorcycles?
  7. What wealthy Delaware family purchased the Indian motorcycle comapany?
  8. What engine configuration is Henderson known for?
  9. What company purchased Henderson and Excelsior?
  10. What Philadelphia motorcycle company did William Henderson help form after leaving Excelsior?
  11. How did William Henderson die?
  12. What company ceased production in 1947 after production of approximately 100 motorcycles?
  13. What brand of motorcycle was produced in Reading, Pennsylvania?
  14. What company made the first 100 mph motorcycle?
  15. What company made the De Luxe?
  16. What company made the Super X?
  17. What brand of motorcycles were imported and sold as Indians in the fifties?
  18. What brand of motorcycle is considered the holy grail by collectors and the first superbike?

red bike

Bonus questions regarding American motorcycle history:

  1. Who was the first man to cross the country on motorcycle?
  2. Who broke the land speed record in 1948 wearing a bathing suit?
  3. Who designed the first factory custom?
  4. What year made Hollister, CA famous for a so called riot?
  5. What 1953 movie was inspired by the events in Hollister?
  6. What organization coined the termed “1%er”?
  7. Who were the POBOBs?
  8. What club took their name from a Howard Hugh’s movie?
  9. Who founded the Boozfighters MC?
  10. Who founded the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels?
  11. What four clubs are considered The Big Four?

1970 Harley davidson Super Glide the first factory custom

Fast Lane Biker Delmarva January 2011

Check out another installment of Diana’s Quest To Ride on page 13 of Fast Lane Biker Delmarva. This installment is called : Endorsement! Click here.

The Original Wild Ones – Book Review

the original wild ones

Bill Hayes’s The Original Wild Ones – Tales of the Boozfighters Motorcycle Club published by Motorbooks is the best motorcycle book I have read so far. As you can see by my archives I have read quite a few; including Bill’s second book American Biker. This book (Bill’s first) is the MOST fun, the MOST entertaining, the MOST nostalgic, definitely the MOST endearing and possibly the MOST educational even though it is not meant to be a factual retelling of history. These are “tales” after all. A good colorful depiction of the origin of motorcycle clubs told by a member of the current day Boozefighters. 

Okay, this may not be a history book-in the purest sense-but, like salt around the rim of a Margarita glass, there are a few important grains that just have to be attached to the good stuff to enhance the flavor.

You never dilute 80-proof gold; you simply add to it.

In a way, discussions of Hollister 1947 are like talks about good-looking women and bikes. Some subjects just never get old and there is always a new twist.

Hollister can’t be ignored because it was, without question, the linchpin of this entire lifestyle. It was like the Super Bowl I, the Packers and the Chiefs. It was like the first pizza delivery by Mama Theresa in 1889. It was like Irene “La Belle” Woodward, the first seriously tattooed American women, hitting the circus circuit in 1882. There are some things that have definitely changed the entire social structure of the U.S. of A.

The equation is easy: Hollister equals the American biker, and the Boozefighters MC is the sum total of both.

Shortly after returning from World War II vets started riding motorcycles and forming clubs to fuel their wild side. Traveling together like squadrons they formed the original MC’s. A few bikers stopped in a small town in Hollister, CA in 1947 and had themselves a good time. The usual drinking, racing and disorderly conduct ensued. Nothing big. No raping or pillaging of the citizens of the town. Documentation supports the most heinous crime was the urinating into a car radiator by a member of the Boozfighters MC. Yes another member of the Boozefighters MC did ride his motorcycle right through the front door and into a bar. But it doesn’t seem that the establishment cared except that they requested the motorcycle be moved to a wall and not block the patrons from the bar. A photographer staged a picture by piling up a bunch of empty beer bottles around a motorcycle and asking a drunk to sit on the bike. The picture made the cover of Life magazine and stories appeared in newspapers across the country about the riot that never was. In 1953 Stanley Kramer produced the original biker flick The Wild One sensationalizing the Boozfighters visit into Hollister and their fun loving antics. The movie was shown in theaters across the country. Art imitates life and life imitates art! Young men saw that film and related to, or envied, the characters played by Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. A counter culture was born and the blueprint for today’s Motorcycle Clubs was formed!  This sequence of events is the origin of biker culture!

The founding Boozefighters-the original wild ones-definitely had an aura that primarily focused on good-natured fun, with all the serious, antisocietal criminal behavior of, say, Spanky and Alfalfa with a pack of firecrackers.

However, there was never a question that they were tough. The entire generation that emerged from World War II was. They had to be. Just look into the faces of FDR, Truman, or Eisenhower sets  the tone for the times. It took a very hard line to land at Normandy, blast through the Pacific theater, and then come home to fire up a flathead or a knuckle, grab a frosty Pabst, and head for the sunset.

“The Original Wild Ones” is a term reserved for the members and associates of the founding Boozefighters. “Wino” Willie Forkner and his friends fought to keep our country free and returned from war to ride their way into history and legend! Author Bill Hayes has unique access to BFMC Historian Jim “J.Q.” Quattlebaum, surviving founding members and club documentation. He wields his pen (or keyboard) in  a style that colors in the tales and history of the BFMC with blazing hues. This book is published by Motorbooks Publishing and like all their books is a superbly produced and bound ink and paper volume of reading pleasure for your octane enhanced biker brain. The forward is written by Editor-In-Chief of Easyriders magazine Dave Nichols. Visit  and purchase a signed copy of The Original Wild Ones by best selling author Bill Hayes before real books become a memory just like real bikers, bikes and tales from a time when men were men and squares were square! Click Here!

More Barber Motorsports Museum Pictures

barber Motorsports sign

As most of you already read Diana and I took a ten state road trip where we visited the Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama which is home to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum. The collection includes both cars and motorcycles. there are 1200 motorcycles of which 600 are displayed. They have the world’s largest collection of Lotus cars. Mostly race cars. There are other colector cars as well. Although you already saw my pictures, here are Diana’s pictures from her new Cannon Rebel XSI Digital SLR.

Lady R instructed us to take Alabama Rt 25 to the museum rather than the highway and that was a kick ass road! It Looked like this…

Alabama 25

hairpin switchback Rt 25 Alabama

When we got to the Barber Motorsports Park it looked like this…

The motorsports park

the Barber musuem is large

Statues at Barber

These statues represent the empowerment one feels when riding on a motorcycle. Here are some other good pictures that Diana got…

The Navy harley Motorcycle

jawa ice racer

1970 Harley davidson Super Glide the first factory custom

red and yellow with sidecar

white with sidecar


vintage super bikes

another look at the Ford

jay in the middle

Lotus on display

another shot atthe basement

another look at the Imapla

another great looking collector bike

radical customs also represented

To see all of Diana’s pictures click here.

Tonight on American Chopper – Contest To Win Chopper

Orange County Chopper Hair Club for Men Tank

On the next episode of American Chopper (air date: Jan. 17th, 9pm), Paul Teutul, Sr. will unveil the newest completed Orange County Chopper motorcycle, custom-built in partnership with Hair Club for the company’s 35th anniversary.  Following the episode, viewers and fans will have the opportunity to enter to win the limited-edition bike.

Orange County Chopper hair Club Bike

Features include:

  • Pro street-style Rolling Thunder rigid frame
  • Baker 6-speed transmission
  • Brushed metal skull-themed paint job illustrates Hair Club’s signature “before” and “after” phases, one skull is bald and the other had a full head of hair, flowing like flames
  • Front forks designed to represent the single-edge razor blades used by Hair Club’s licensed cosmetologists
  • Customized rims resemble spinning sheers
  • Tail pipes are specialty-built exhausts that mirror the appearance hair follicles
  • Overall design is sleek, sitting low to the ground, inspired by Hair Club’s stylist’s tools
  • Black leather seat with silver stitching and Orange County Chopper logo

To enter to win American Chopper’s one-of-a-kind Hair Club motorcycle, visit:

Orange County Chopper Hair Club Wheel

Three Years of Blogging – FUFB!

2010 seemed to be the year of Facebook and Android phones that do everything from video chat, provide GPS directions and chew your food for you. Kids don’t even watch where they’re walking anymore! They follow their parents around the grocery store and down the side walks of America texting away. Let’s not even talk about driving and texting! I’m shopping at Shop Rite and these kids keep getting in my way! I wanna say “Hey, watch where you’re go’n kid!” Kids aren’t the only ones! I see people at Planet Fitness sitting on weight lifting equipment texting away while I’m waiting to get on said machine. I want to strangle them but I politely move to the next machine ahead of that one. What is my point? This crap killed blogging!

The original biker bloggers have been blogging for years now. Some started ten years ago like Cecilie Hoffman! Some of us got in late and started three years ago like me, Lady R, Joker and Viking Dave. Wether it was ten years ago or three we all found a means to express caged up feelings about this crazy passion we call motorcycling. In 2010 everyone got on Facebook! The comments on the blogs took a dive! Quality of expression was replaced with quantity! Just like when USA Today newspaper invented the fast easy junkfood style of news reporting that assasinated journalism. Everyone and their mother, father, cousin and every living relative updates their FB status with brainless crap. “I’m watching TV. It’s cold out. I just washed my motorcycle. The Eagles are going to win tonight. The Eagles choked tonight. I’m scratching my butt and picking my nose. Blah, blah blah.” Who cares?! All useless information! Being nosey or having nothing better to do people flocked to FB. Bikers too! 99% of what is on FB isn’t worth reading. I see 1% important updates and alerts about people who have been hurt, injured or had surgery. Good updates too like new births and friends who got new jobs. Unfortunately I read more on FB about friends losing jobs! I like the immediate access to pictures from family events, parties and rides. I also like getting in touch with old friends and relatives on FB. This technology keeps people in touch in a phony electronic way. Texting and e-mailing can’t replace conversation. It brings people closer on a superficial level. Not on a real level.

What kills me about these social mediums including e-mail is that people type things that face to face wouldn’t come out of their mouths. Better judgement doesn’t seem to take hold when typing. Ironicly you would think they would put more thought into what they are doing. Instead they are more brash. People who appear normal in person become somebody else online. What planet did these e-mails come from? Is there an alternate universe? I think so! This can’t be from the person I know; it must be from their twin in the upside down alternate universe somewhere inside Comcast. Online arguments ensue, feelings are hurt, friendships are damaged! You gotta love the twenty-one year old kid who came to my blog to tell me I’m a douche and he quit First State HOG Chapter because I pissed him off in 2008! Hoorah for online honesty! I appreciate the sincerity. I’m guilty too! Whatever happened to picking up the phone and talking? Whatever happened to returning phone calls? I don’t know but I think this all changed in 2010!

2010 was our third year of blogging! We keep flirting with the 10,000 visitor mark but have not been able to attract that many visitors in a single month. Mostly we hit over 8,000 and exceeded 9,000 four times. Hopefully we will hit the 10,000 milestone in 2011. The year started really cool with a press pass to the New York City International Motorcycle Show which I will be going to again this week as news media. Diana and I had some amazing trips in 2010! We went to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the spring and the fall and rode home to blog about it. We recently visited the Barber Motorsports Museum in Alabama. Another amazing experience! Diana and I both started writing for a real paper and ink magazine: Fast Lane Biker Delmarva. Things didn’t pan out for me writing for that magazine or some of the other avenues that I was excited about in the beginning of the year. I did attend a seminar on social media in order to promote my blog. Ironic huh? We updated our camera equipment this year and now have 36 “sets” of pictures on Flickr. 2010 was great for Road Captain USA in the way of making additonal money and who can’t use additonal income? My online store doubled sales over last year until I ran out of advertising funds – which proves you need money to make money! Advertising income definitely shot up as we partnered with companies who purchased advertising space on our sidebar. Thank you advertisers! You guys & gals rock!

This blog is a valuable way to share with the motorcycle community. I enjoy writing and hope that my readers enjoy coming here for practical information, entertainment and a deeper bonding experience than can be derived from the superficial quips and updates found on other social media sites. If this blog, e-mailing and Facebooking continue to bring friends and foes closer, then I guess freedom of speech are still alive in this great country! Go ahead… insult my intelligence, hurt my feelings and type at me. I’m here exposed and vulnerble! Although I can delete your comments and e-mails, I usually don’t. Instead I learn from what you have to say and try to gently massage hurt egos. I practice restraint, but I haven’t mastered it yet. But I keep getting better. In fact I just deleted some sentences from this post.

I raise a glass and tip my hat to those of you who had something positive to share. I love yous guys! Keep coming back and I look forward to reading your comments good or bad. Cheers to 2011! Screw It-Let’s Ride!