2010 A Strange Year In My Head

I’m not sure how to describe the past year. It whizzed by and I’m not sure I can remember it. All I can think of is that it was a healing year. A year of recovery. I’m still affected by the fatal accident that took the life of our friend during a motorcycle trip on April 24th, 2009. The realization of how fragile life is, still has me in a strange spell. Back when I had nothing, I had nothing to lose. I lived life with more swagger then. A little more in your face attitude. Since Diana came into my life and helped me get the things I wanted my attitude is different. The combination of having so much combined with the knowledge that it can all be lost in a split second has made me live life too carefully. The in your face guy was replaced by the scared guy. Scared to lose what I have gained. Hopefully I can get my swagger back. Hopefully I’ll remember how to say “Screw it! Let’s Ride!”

Although I still don’t enjoy riding as much as I did prior to the accident, we did a lot of miles this year. We did a lot of fun things! Diana and I felt a little more experienced in 2010 and struck out on our own a few times. We rode the Blue Ridge Parkway both in the spring and in the fall; just the two of us. We went to Gettysburg Bike Week too. Diana lead a chapter overnight trip to western Maryland. She earned her Road Captain patch. She impressed the heck out of me when we were challenged on the road with life threatening road and weather conditions on two occasions.

The economy sucked ass. Although I am one of the lucky ones who is still employed the ominous recession is depressing. Friends keep losing their jobs. A year ago Diana and I worked feverishly to remodel her townhouse to put it up for sale. We would travel out of state on weekends to do as much work as possible in 48 hours. We removed wallpaper with a steamer, we put in new flooring, we painted, we wired, we did everything until we were too sore to move. Unfortunately the house has been on the market all year and has not sold yet. We could lose it to foreclosure. It has messed with my credit. I have experienced the the unpleasantness of collection calls for the first time in my life. If we manage to sell it we don’t make a dime off the sale. It totally sucks how hard we worked and it seems like it was for nothing. It’s heartbreaking.

I took an active role in the the 2010 Delaware and Maryland State HOG Rally as the Volunteer Coordinator. It was an interesting experience. My fellow First State members came up big in the volunteer area to make sure I didn’t fall on my face. I’m sorry the rally itself didn’t turn out to be the event I was hoping it would be. I am inspired to take the lead on planning a better HOG rally in the future… but not 100% committed to the concept at this time. More like 95%

The year went by fast. We did a lot of riding and other things with our HOG chapter that left us exhausted by the end of the summer. I got depressed and almost decided to step down from being Director. My friends helped me get my head out of my butt, pick myself up and get psyched up for my final year as Director. It was a good year for the chapter. We set participation records all year long! Especially at the big events like our annual picnic and holiday party.

I know this year will go by fast. I have new experiences ahead of me that I am eager to jump into. I look forward to doing more writing, possibly working on a HOG state rally proposal and even getting more involved with the motorcycle community on a deeper level.

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  1. Sometimes you just gotta ride by the seat of your pants! Grab 2011 by the horns and run with your gut…screw the consequences. It’s time to GET YOUR SWAGGER ON!!!

  2. Jacquie and I send our heartfelt wishes for a wonderful and prosperous New Year my friends.

    Chuck, Jerry and I (the old Ghost Chapter) are in the process of forming an MC separate from HOG. It’s been a whole lot more complex than any of us ever imagined it would be, but I think it’ll be worth it.

    And don’t worry you’ll get the spark back.

  3. My hats off to you Rob. Our chapter Director before me started an MC and I know it is a lot of work and there are a lot of details and it doesn’t happen overnight. Good luck and thank you for the New Year wishes.

  4. I totally understand your delimena about riding. I laid my bike down in August in a horrible rain event. I rolled about 5 times on the asphalt going approx 40 MPH. I had rain gear on thank goodness so I didn’t get alot of road rash and the roads were wet so that helped too. The bike was a different story but my hubby worked hard to get it restored in 2 weeks so I could ride and not develop the fear. I still got to get the bike repainted though she still wearing some road rash.lol I am a little leary still when riding but I hope that 2011 I will get my swagger back because I love riding. It was my dream to own my own harley and I did that so I hope to continue with the confidence I once had. I did get to ride to our local bike week which was scary after only wrecking about 2 weeks before but I did it. I was scared to death but I did it. 2011 I hope turns out a better year for everyone. Jay like you I hope I can get the swagger back that says Screw it, Lets Ride.

  5. Don,t be scared ,it leads to emotional decisions. These decisions will cause you to do things that will scare you. GET IT! Important! Keep your health your love and good friends, Everything else can be replaced. Hard work and rational decisions plus a bit of luck will take care of every every thing else. Then there is that bullet with your name on it, well one can live in a hole in the ground, but the flashlight batteries will get expensive. Bob M

  6. Thanks Kim and Bob. Here’s to a new year! No batteries needed.

  7. Let the sun shine!!! 🙂

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