An Insane Woman’s Thoughts – Part 3

“Am I crazy?  I am the pee-wee football team mom, the little league baseball scorebook keeper, etc.  I am the professional spectator!  I won’t even play volleyball at a backyard cookout.  What am I thinking?  Learn to ride a motorcycle?  I must be crazy – I don’t even know what a throttle is!”

“Therein is exactly the point!  I need to know what a throttle is.  I need to find out how you shift gears with your hands.  Maybe I will never actually take the handlebars myself after the class, but I have got to find out how this machine works!”  So off I went on a search for motorcycle riding lessons…

First I discovered that there was something called a Motorcycle Safety Basic Rider Course offered through the Motor Vehicle Administration.  It only cost like a hundred bucks…I could do that.  Except every class was booked up all the way through October!  Maybe if I checked another location…nope, they were all booked up too!  I guessed this motorcycle frenzy was bigger than I thought.  Harley-Davidson stocks were up to $50 a share that year, and every time I turned around there was another motorcycle themed show popping up on TV.

Then I found that Harley dealers offered a Rider’s Edge class, but at $250 that was way out of my league!  If I could somehow manage to swing it…no, they were all booked up too.  “Why am I so upset about this?  I’m just a psycho divorcee trying desperately to find myself.  I probably won’t even be able to handle those big bikes anyway.  This whole idea is just stupid.”

I pined away in disappointment for months until one day out of the blue Jay called and told me he had just signed up for a Basic Rider Class at Cecil Community College and there were still a few slots open if I was interested.  Within 24-hours I was registered for the class, though it wouldn’t be until the end of August.

In the meantime it occurred to me that if I was going to learn to ride, no one in their right mind was going to let some crazy 36-year old chick practice riding on their prized Harley!  (Not to mention the fact that I barely even knew anyone who had a bike anyway)  I figured I’d have to pick up some old used piece of crap machine that was cheap and it didn’t matter if I dropped it a million times.  Yet I didn’t know a Ninja from a Goldwing, so I’d better start doing some research into just how much this kind of thing might cost me.

“I’ve never been on eBay before…”

* This article first appeared in print in the November issue of Fast Lane Biker Delamarva and is the third in an ongoing series of articles by Diana Green.

3 Responses to “An Insane Woman’s Thoughts – Part 3”

  1. I love this. It’s just the truth and it’s just awesome. I’m sure that this speaks to thousands and thousands of people. They might not be as so bold to admit it like you have done here, but that is what is so great about this.

    Good, good.

  2. As a registered member of the male of the species I can tell you that we see all women as crazy, it just varies by degree.

    As far as women learning to ride, I think it’s great, in fact I loved reading BB’s Road Trip as she went through the motions of getting her bike and learning to ride. It makes me think of riding in a whole different way.

    Oh, and since she ended up marrying Dave, she’s definitely a long way ahead of you in the insanity department.

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