Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces – Book Review

Harley-davidson Museum Masterpieces

In February of 2009 I reviewed a seven pound book from MotorBooks Publishing titled The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection. It retailed for $60.00 and was a work of art! Still is! That might be a little too much book for most enthusiasts and little high on the price tag. This book, Harley-Davidson Museum Masterpieces by Dain Gingerelli, may be more your cup of tea. It’s the little brother of the big book featuring 51 of the archives best, most significant and most memorable road bikes from the earliest bike, Serial No. 1, to some of the company’s most popular twenty-first-century models. Photography for both books is masterfully taken by Randy Leffingwell.

This book is part of the First Gear Series and I like the format. I may purchase the First Gear book on Mustangs. Now that I know the cover picture on the book is a replica of the iconic 1968 Bullitt I will definitely be getting it. “Each book features a large number of photo-heavy spreads. A scene-setting overview of the title subject opens the book followed by chapters organized around specific topics (models of certain decades, generations of design, styles of vehicle, etc). Chapters offer 10-25 spreads of 2 or 4 pages each. A single spread showcases 4-6 full and detail photos of a specific vehicle or subject (1967 Camero SS, Vintage Mopar Advertising, etc). Each spread has a concise text about the specific vehicle or subject, a small stat box containing performance statistics or other metrics (original price, production numbers, 0-60 time, etc) and a “Did You Know?” trivia box with an interesting fact about the subject (Elvis Presley reportedly fired a gun at his Pantera when it wouldn’t start. True by the way.).”

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