What Motorcycle Riding Boots Do You Recommend?

I don’t like wearing “Motorcycle Riding Boots”. They are usually big and clunky. Sometimes they don’t even fit under a toe shifter. I do think they grip better on asphault. However I prefer the comfort of a good pair of sturdy leather workboots with a lug sole that are designed to be comfortable when you are walking. I remember before I came to this conclusion and wore a big heavy pear of Harley-Davidson Brake Light boots. After a long day of riding my feet begged to be let out of them. Someone please take off my boots! I’m going for comfort and function, not image. I don’t need a pair of boots that scream: “I’m a biker!”. I appreciate a pair of boots that just look normal and don’t bring any attention to them.

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It’s time for a new pair of workboots. Mine are starting to fall apart after serving me well for over ten years. I want a pair of black 6″ soft toe boots that are insulated and waterproof. I would love a pair of Red Wing boots and have never owned a pair. I’m not sure there is a pair that fits my above requirements. They might be a little beyond my budget. I’m thinking Timberland Pro.

I don’t like the idea of a safety toe because I fear if bent back they could chop my toes off. I want a black pair of boots so that they never look filthy; even though they will be. I prefer waterproof for those times we get caught in the rain. Not to mention it helps when shoveling snow in the driveway. Who needs wet feet in January? Insulation of course is for the colder months and I wear my boots more often in the colder months when there is snow on the ground. I can wear insulated boots three out of the four seasons. I believe insulated boots are thicker and sturdier. Therefore they offer more protection.

Please weigh in on what boots you like and why.

Tour Master Synergy Heated Jacket

It’s that time of year to start thinking about cold weather motorcycle gear. Riders Discount sent me a Tour Master Synergy heated jacket liner last winter. I really really dig this jacket liner. In the fall you can wear it as a jacket without plugging it in. It is windproof and features 100gm polyfill insulation and will keep you warm even without turning it on. You can carry this and a lightweight jacket with you in the early fall when you don’t know if it will be warm or cold. If it’s warm you wear the lightweight jacket. If it gets cool you switch to the Tour Master Jacket Liner. When it gets even cooler on the ride home after sundown you put the jacket on over the jacket liner. If it gets colder than that, you plug the sucker in and turn it on! 

Tour Master Synergy Heated Jacket Liner

I love the high heated collar, it is comfortable and keeps my neck covered and warm. The knit cuffs keep wind out of the sleeves. There are connectors at the end of the sleeves to plug heated gloves to the jacket liner. Although the controller is easy to operate, I feel like a suicide bomber with the controller hanging out. It keeps the jacket from looking like a normal jacket. The controller has a high, medium and low setting. I wish it had a dial setting like the fully adjustable Harley/Gerber heated gear.

Before having the heated jacket liner, the key to cold weather riding was lots of layers. Having heated gear is the opposite. You need less layers between you and the heated garment. This is great because you don’t have twenty layers to peel off when you stop to shop and/or eat. However it sucks if something becomes unplugged or you suffer a malfunction. I was leading a ride and twisted in a way that caused one of my wires to become unplugged. I got cold but I didn’t want to stop the whole group to fix my wire. If you have a heavy duty leather jacket with a zip out insulated lining I recommend you remove the liner as the heated jacket replaces that liner. Having both gives you that Michelin Man feeling… but is warmer. Sometimes I get a tiny sting from a hot spot so I am going to double up and wear a t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt.

Overall this is a great great product and I give the Tour Master Synergy Jacket Liner a big thumbs up!

Tip: I use a heated garment adapter to plug my heated gear into the battery tender quick connect cable that comes out from under my seat. Click here for more information on this.

heated garment adapter

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I Did My Job Today – Road Captain

I’m getting renewed enthusiasm for being a Road Captain and trying to get back to just the basics of what our HOG Chapter is about. It’s about riding our motorcycles together and having fun. If we don’t organize rides, people might stay home and their bikes might collect dust. We don’t want that! We need to give our members a reason to get out on their motorcycles. Of course most of the year they don’t always need prompting. A month ago you couldn’t keep people home on a sunny day. But now it’s November and it isn’t quite as warm as we like so we need a tiny nudge. I organized a short easy lunch ride during the warmest part of the day from Mike’s Famous in New Castle, DE to Mike’s Famous in Smyrna, DE. Thirteen members on twelve bikes came out to bond over lunch, ride and enjoy the sunshine despite the cool temperatures. We had a good time! I feel really good that I gave my friends a reason to get out and ride today. Each ride doesn’t have to be a mind blower or an all day excursion. A brief lunch ride to get everyone out on their bikes is better than sitting home waiting for the next great adventure. At least when the next great adventure presents itself, we won’t be all dusty.

The Lodges at Sunset Village in Deep Creek, Maryland

Diana at the lodges

At the end of October Diana and I took my parents to Deep Creek, Maryland for a little fall foliage trip. We took the cages but it was a scouting mission for future motorcycle trips and possibly a future state HOG Rally. I have never spent any time in Garrett County, Maryland. Being the western most portion of the state it is mountainous and borders Pennsylvania and West Virginia… actually it’s more like Maryland comes to an end and then Garrett County is an island of Maryland within West Virginia. I thought I had never been through the area but I was wrong. We came through on our way back from our West Virginia trip in 2008. The area is gorgeous and the riding is great. We took a little road trip in the Mustang with the top down. We followed Rt 219 into Monongahela National Forest in West Virgina. On the way back to Deep Creek we stopped to see Muddy Creek Falls at Swallow Falls State Park.

We stayed at the Lodges at Sunset Village. Best way to describe the lodges would be as upscale luxurious cabins. We rented a two bedroom two bath cabin that had three queen size beds and a sleeper sofa. That means the cabin we rented for less than $300 for the night sleeps eight. Not bad if you wanted to take an overnight ride with four couples to stay in Deep Creek. The view from the cabin was of the lake and Wisp Ski Resort. In comparison to staying at a motel we enjoyed the amenities such as the propane fireplace, large flat screen tv, kitchenette with large microwave and full size fridge. Doorfront parking was very convenient.

We took a scenic drive from my parents place in Frederick to Deep Creek. We parked at the cabin and unloaded my parents and our supplies into the cabin. My parents loved the cabin and didn’t leave it til check out time. Mom enjoyed the view from the love seat on the front porch. Dad settled into a chair on the back patio and enjoyed the relaxation. We took our drive into West Virgina to see the windmill farms and saw the waterfall on the way back. Then we came back to the cabin and heated up our dinner. We drank beer and wine and played card games in front of the fireplace. I can’t describe in words how nice the cabin was. Check out the below pics and all our pictures on Flicker by clicking here

Regarding the cabins. If you want to check in before 4:00pm you will have to pay a little extra for early check in.

nice cabins in deep creek lake maryland

front door parking

mom at sunset village

Mom and Dad

Diana enjoyed the cabin too

inside our cabin at sunset village

the view from the cabins

sunset over wisp

taking the pony out for a ride

road to windmills on rt 219

Diana at Swallow Falls

Jay at the falls

Jay and Diana in fron tof uprooted tree with rock in roots

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November 2010 East Coast Biker

November 2010 east coast biker online

The November East Coast Biker Online is available online starting today! Diana has an article on page 34 titled The Road to Road Captainhood. I have a story on our visit to Fox Creek Leather in the Blue Ridge Mountains on page 52. Click here to check it out.

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