McQueen’s Machines – Book Review

McQueens machines

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Steve McQueen is a little before my time but no one can argue he is a pop culture icon, a movie star of intergalactic proportion and a certifiable motorhead. As a motorcycle and automobile enthusiast I feel a kinship to Steve McQueen and jumped at the opportunity to review this book for MotorBooks Publishing. I love Ford Mustangs and Steve McQueen played the legendary Lieutenant Frank Bullitt. Frank Bullitt drives a highland green 1968 fastback in the most famous and best movie car chase scene in the 1968 movie Bullitt. Steve McQueen collected and raced both cars and motorcycles. “Whether you consider his positioning of motorcycles (among other fast machines) in his films and public life or stop to ponder the fact, at one point, he owned more than 100 motorcycles at one time, you can’t read much about McQueen and not realize that he was, deep down and to the core, a pure enthusiast, a man for whom motorcycling was, you might say, second only to breathing.” The book is unlike the a number of books about Steve McQueen in that this one is about the cars and motorcycles that passed through his hands, the hands of a respected racer on two wheels and four; on road and off. It covers a number of the fine cars he owned one by one. Each car a sub chapter of Chapter 1: McQueen’s Garage. Chapter 2 goes through many of his movie roles that were tightly woven to motorcycles and cars. Again each movie is like a sub chapter making the book interesting and easy to read. I would read about McQueen in the Great Escape and then put the book down. I would come back and read about McQueen in Bullitt and then again put the book down. This is how the book is written and I believe it works well for it’s audience. The quality of the book and the pictures is great. I recommend it, it’s a good read for any lover of fine cars and fast motorcycles. Click here for more information on this book at Amazon.