Motorcycle CB Radio Systems

J&M CB Radio from Cycle Accessory Store 

In February of 2010 I wrote Part 1of this story. Since then several members of our HOG chapter came to the same conclusion: that the ability to communicate would greatly improve the group riding experience. Four female members, including Diana, purchased the J&M handlebar mounted CB radio. Diana purchased hers used and was the third member of our chapter to own it (the two previous members were men who upgraded to CB equipped Ultra Classics). She got a good deal on it and it has worked fantastically. Some of our members purchased the J&M with the short antenna and found they had to replace it with a longer one. The only time Diana had a problem with her CB radio was when we stayed overnight in North Carolina and she didn’t put the cover on it. In the morning the condensation on it affected it’s performance for several hours before it dried out.

Midland CB 75-822

The J&M unit with all the attachments and antenna will cost in the area of $600. I was curious if I could find a more affordable system and purchased this handheld Midland 75-822 at $76.73 and a Cobra magnetic mount base antenna for $24.99 both from Amazon. I purchased a special motorcycle RiderComm-S1 headset that worked with the Midland at $89.95 from

I spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to get the unit to work well as a mobile unit powered with the 12 volt cigarette lighter plug and utilizing a base antenna. In the end I found it worked best as a handheld unit powered by batteries with the short 7″ antenna. To say it works well in comparison to the J&B or the Harley CB’s would be a lie. It works just well enough for the absolute minimum of communications but not good enough for conversation. In the end I would have to say any amount of money spent to be able to communicate is well spent. However you will get what you pay for. I initially invested $200 and subsequently another $50 or so on antenna’s and antenna mounting brackets. The system does work and for $200 I would say it is worth it. If you can afford the $600 system I would recommend you go to and purchase the J&B. 2010 Motorcycle Sweepstakes