Never ride with anyone whose title is “Director”

Back in October Dan Bateman had a great post on his blog about group riding. He asked me to come over to Musings of an Intrepid Commuter and post a comment on the topic since I obviously spend a great deal of time riding with my HOG Chapter. Thinking I’m an expert on the topic I left a lengthy comment.

When I say “my HOG Chapter” you have to wonder if I mean it is mine because that is the chapter I belong to as do all the members; or have I become posessive of the chapter since I became the Director? Jack Riepe who is another blogger (Twisted Roads By Jack Riepe) left the 20th comment in the form of a numbered list. His first rule about group riding:

1) Never ride with anyone whose title is “Director.” They generally prove to be real douches in the long run and can kill a good time in a flash.

I was offended the first time a read that and was tempted to respond in a snippy way. I didn’t. I have recently started to fear that I am that douche, am on my way to becoming that douche or was coming close to it. I am hopeful that I can undouche. I enjoy being Director but I don’t want to be a douche and I don’t want to kill a good time. 2010 Motorcycle Sweepstakes

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  1. Good luck with the undouching. But in my experience when people think something is about to them, it rarely does. It’s the ones who say “they’re not talking about me” who are the ones it’s aimed at.

  2. I think that you are a bit of a douche. And for a while I and a few others and felt the same way. Also in reading that it’s the way you have come across to alot of people have shown this ” that’s why I stopped riding with the chapter” if you wanna stay as a director take it to heart and learn to put your head on straight and get your head out of your ass. Now If you wanna delete this fine but I’m just speaking my mind.

  3. Geez, that’s freakin’ hilarious, mike… at least I assume it was meant to be in humor.?.?

    Is it a coincidence that “DB’ could be short for either Deep Biker or Douche Bag? Come to think of it… Dan Bateman as well. We’re on a “DB” roll, here.

    Anyhow… It’s quite obvious to me that you’re bright, polite, and not a DB. You’re courteous, seek input from others, and know how to accept differing opinions and respectfully disagree.

    Perhaps you should consider the possibility that Jack is not aware that his absolute “Never” conflicts with his vague “generally.”

    Here’s a new #1 for you. Never listen to advice from anyone named “Jack.” He’s predisposed to generalizations and will judge you before he gets to know you.

    Jack could be my favorite person in the world, but he’s a little off track on this one.

  4. Mikey G, I have a little list of things that in my book makes you seem less than perfect. Thanks for speaking your mind. Let me know if there is something specifically that I could work on that would make me a better Director and a better person.

  5. TriggerUltra, thanks for defending me.

  6. go ahead and name them. I have the balls to man up and say it if I’m wrong but when you turned down a friend of mine to ride who is also a life time national member you lost all respect by me. Like I said I don’t dislike to many people but so people “you” have rubbed me the wrong way and that’s why I left. Am I perfect no but I felt someone needed to say some thing. Also I did name a few things that would help if you worked on.

  7. I’m sorry you’re mad about something that happened in 2008 before I was asked to be Director. I’ll work on that getting my head out of my ass thing. Thanks again for your honest feedback.

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