What Motorcycle Riding Boots Do You Recommend?

I don’t like wearing “Motorcycle Riding Boots”. They are usually big and clunky. Sometimes they don’t even fit under a toe shifter. I do think they grip better on asphault. However I prefer the comfort of a good pair of sturdy leather workboots with a lug sole that are designed to be comfortable when you are walking. I remember before I came to this conclusion and wore a big heavy pear of Harley-Davidson Brake Light boots. After a long day of riding my feet begged to be let out of them. Someone please take off my boots! I’m going for comfort and function, not image. I don’t need a pair of boots that scream: “I’m a biker!”. I appreciate a pair of boots that just look normal and don’t bring any attention to them.

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It’s time for a new pair of workboots. Mine are starting to fall apart after serving me well for over ten years. I want a pair of black 6″ soft toe boots that are insulated and waterproof. I would love a pair of Red Wing boots and have never owned a pair. I’m not sure there is a pair that fits my above requirements. They might be a little beyond my budget. I’m thinking Timberland Pro.

I don’t like the idea of a safety toe because I fear if bent back they could chop my toes off. I want a black pair of boots so that they never look filthy; even though they will be. I prefer waterproof for those times we get caught in the rain. Not to mention it helps when shoveling snow in the driveway. Who needs wet feet in January? Insulation of course is for the colder months and I wear my boots more often in the colder months when there is snow on the ground. I can wear insulated boots three out of the four seasons. I believe insulated boots are thicker and sturdier. Therefore they offer more protection.

Please weigh in on what boots you like and why.