I Did My Job Today – Road Captain

I’m getting renewed enthusiasm for being a Road Captain and trying to get back to just the basics of what our HOG Chapter is about. It’s about riding our motorcycles together and having fun. If we don’t organize rides, people might stay home and their bikes might collect dust. We don’t want that! We need to give our members a reason to get out on their motorcycles. Of course most of the year they don’t always need prompting. A month ago you couldn’t keep people home on a sunny day. But now it’s November and it isn’t quite as warm as we like so we need a tiny nudge. I organized a short easy lunch ride during the warmest part of the day from Mike’s Famous in New Castle, DE to Mike’s Famous in Smyrna, DE. Thirteen members on twelve bikes came out to bond over lunch, ride and enjoy the sunshine despite the cool temperatures. We had a good time! I feel really good that I gave my friends a reason to get out and ride today. Each ride doesn’t have to be a mind blower or an all day excursion. A brief lunch ride to get everyone out on their bikes is better than sitting home waiting for the next great adventure. At least when the next great adventure presents itself, we won’t be all dusty.