RevZilla Showroom in South Philly


Can you follow this strange chain of events? I see an advertisement on Facebook for an Internet based motorcycle accessory company called RevZilla whose headquarters and only showroom is less than an hour north of us in South Philly. I zip over there one day after a training seminar in the city of Brotherly Love to check it out. I chat with Matt Kull and take some pictures. RevZilla becomes a paid advertiser on RC USA. I decide to check out Helmet Hair Blog to see what’s new over there. Helmet Hair Blog was one of my inspirations to create my blog. I see a video made by the guys at RevZilla over at the Helmet Hair Blog which is based in Denmark. Cool to see these young South Philly guys get recognition by an international motorcycle blog from abroad.

Revzilla is the creation of several young entrepreneurs who love motorcycles, offer superior customer service, carry the best of the best in motorcycle safety gear and have fantastic Internet skills. Cruisers who are still into black leather may not be in the market for an $800 Gore-Tex riding suite with built in CE approved armor but you have to appreciate the fine gear like the Rev It line and you also gotta give these guys props for the video product reviews. These guys are like my new hero’s. I ‘ll try to find out more about them and post here at RC USA.





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  1. Great video! I love it. I commute to work on my FJR, but I never go through the mud.

  2. My second motorcycle was a 1978 Honda XL250 street legal enduro. I was sixteen and I would do stuff like that. I would wheelie in the highschool parking lot. I would jump the sidewalk if there was a traffic jam. Those were the days!

  3. I wonder how well the neck roll foam lasts. I love the idea of it, but haivng such a tight squeeze past it I’m guessing that it wouldn’t take long for that foam to compress and lose it’s firm fitting qualities? Then again I guess this is designed as a race/track helmet and not one for regular use? My Shoei XR1000 was really snug when new, but after a couple of years of daily use it was noticeably noisier and less of a snug fit. Any helmet will be the same after so much use I suppose. But if you use your helmet 7 days a week and an expensive helmet wears as fast as a cheap helmet, you’ve gotta ask yourself if it’s really worth the cost.

  4. It’s cool, Wes. I’m just glad it’s a sign of being busy and things going well beinhd the scenes. I guess it’s better people notice and want more (and maybe worry a little) instead of readers not giving a shit. That would be a bad sign.Not that it’s at all similar, but my own little bit of blogging went to zero after my crash last year. It’s surprising how hard it is to sit there and create content when you’re physically fucked up, even if the hand and brain are working OK. I hope Sean is doing well. I hate to see anyone get hurt in any context.

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