The Quest to Ride – Part 2

Diana in Ocean City Bike Week

After many trials and errors, I did find a really great guy.  He didn’t have a motorcycle, but he wanted one badly!  You see, he raced motocross and enduro as a teen, but gave it up when he went off to college.  Ever since his divorce he’d been wanting to get back into riding…and the huge boom of motorcycle-related TV shows like American Chopper and Biker Build-Off were fueling the fire in his gut.  We were both wannabe’s like mad!

Finally the opportunity arose for him to purchase a totally customized used Sportster with an awesome flame paint job.  Jay’s brother advised him that it was irresponsible & dangerous, but I told him that if he passed up this opportunity he would regret it for the rest of his life.  So he bought the bike.

Diana and Russell

Jay rode his bike from Newark DE and I drove my car from Baltimore MD, and we met in Ocean City MD for Delmarva Bike Week that year.  We chatted with Paul Yaffee about the Billy Lane Sha-Sha shoes Jay was wearing, and Russell Mitchell bought me a beer (he said I smelled nice)!  We hung out with Jeff Shelton at the Independents Chopper booth.  I was completely enamored with the entire biker lifestyle!

Diana and her famous friends

In Delaware, riders with a learner’s permit are not permitted to carry passengers, but Jay would take me for rides on the back every now & then anyway.  We went to bike nights at Hooters and found our way to the Union Hotel where tons of bikers gathered every Sunday for live blues bands and fresh pit beef. 

While we were riding, I found myself constantly looking over his shoulders to see him working the controls.  I just had to know how the thing worked, so I set myself to work finding an open slot in a local Basic Rider course… 

* This article first appeared in print in the September issue of Fast Lane Biker Delamarva and is the second in an ongoing series of articles by Diana Green.

August Fast Lane Biker Delmarva

Fast Lane Biker Delmarva back issues are now available online at their new site! That is cool because we have three articles in the August issue and there is a pictorial featuring a custom chopper by our friend Jeff Shelton of Independence Choppers here in Newark, DE (pages 16-20).

Check out my articles on Gettysburg Bike (page 32) and Mike’s Famous Biker Weekend (page 10) from July. This is the magazine where Diana’s intro article My First Ride appeared on her series: The Quest to Ride (page 28). Click here to check out the August Issue.

October 2010 East Coast Biker

october 2010 east coast biker

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RevZilla Showroom in South Philly


Can you follow this strange chain of events? I see an advertisement on Facebook for an Internet based motorcycle accessory company called RevZilla whose headquarters and only showroom is less than an hour north of us in South Philly. I zip over there one day after a training seminar in the city of Brotherly Love to check it out. I chat with Matt Kull and take some pictures. RevZilla becomes a paid advertiser on RC USA. I decide to check out Helmet Hair Blog to see what’s new over there. Helmet Hair Blog was one of my inspirations to create my blog. I see a video made by the guys at RevZilla over at the Helmet Hair Blog which is based in Denmark. Cool to see these young South Philly guys get recognition by an international motorcycle blog from abroad.

Revzilla is the creation of several young entrepreneurs who love motorcycles, offer superior customer service, carry the best of the best in motorcycle safety gear and have fantastic Internet skills. Cruisers who are still into black leather may not be in the market for an $800 Gore-Tex riding suite with built in CE approved armor but you have to appreciate the fine gear like the Rev It line and you also gotta give these guys props for the video product reviews. These guys are like my new hero’s. I ‘ll try to find out more about them and post here at RC USA.





Steve McQueen by Sheryl Crow

I gotta hand it to Stephanie aka Iowa Harley Girl! She posts some really good material at her blog. Not sure what made me wander over there but I got a vibe that said “check out Iowa Harley Girl’s blog and see what’s happening over there.” She posted this video and now I’m all revved up! Bullet and Crow’s hot pants totally rock!