Biker Resort on Blue Ridge Parkway in Laurel Springs, North Carolina

We were riding homebound on day three of a four day trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway and needed fuel for both our bodies and our bikes. Our stomachs were on empty so lunch was our first priority at the time. There aren’t many crossovers along the Blue Ridge Parkway and sometimes there is no sign of life if you do come to a crossover. As we approached mile marker 248 we saw plenty of life at the Rt 18 Crossover. It was like a small bike rally just off the parkway in Laurel Springs, NC. We got off the parkway and went in the direction of all the shiney motorcycles congregating a few hundred yards down the road. There were so many bikes at the Station’s Inn and Freeborne’s we rode past them in order to find a parking spot. We parked at Wild Woodys and if it were not for the outdoor tables and boothes I wouldn’t think they served food at the eclectic antique and gift shop. Even as I stepped inside I couldn’t find a kitchen and wasn’t sure they had one; but they did and we ordered two turkey club sandwiches. While we waited for our food bikers and campers kept coming in and buying $2 cans and bottles of various brands of beer. You have to visit this place to believe it. I only took one picture inside but I should have taken more.

Wild Woodys

wild woodys tables outdoor boothes

Wild Woodys Kitchen

Diana eating at Wild Woodys

Woodys is an antique shop, gift shop, campground and eatery. Their neighbors are the Station’s Inn Motorcycle Resort and Freeborne’s Eatery and Lodge which is also a motorcycle resort. This looks like an excellent vacation destination for any biker. I would like to stay there a few days and ride the local roads in the area. Laurel Springs is home to an award winning winery and also New River which is a popular tubing and canoeing spot.

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As I was saying; we stopped for lunch and there was a whole lot going on. There were live bands playing in two different spots and three to four different places to get fed. There were people camping, there were two motels, it was just unbelieveable how we bumped into this biker party in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I can’t wait to go back. They had everything you could want except a gas station!

Visit and

Station’s Inn Laurel Springs North Carolina

Freebornes Laurel Springs North Carolina

Freeborne’s Lodge North Carolina

Concert at Freebornes

freebournes party

party at freebornes

party at the station’s inn

stations inn north carolina

stations inn laurel springs nc


parking lot freebornes and stations inn

beer belly buggy

cool black buggy at freebornes

cool red buggy at freebornes

freebornes and stations inn laurel springs north carolina

Glad we took two trips to the Parkway this year for the Parkway’s 75th!