Trip to Fox Creek Leather – Part 1

american made leathers

I was contacted by Fox Creek Leather through East Coast Biker Online to do a product review. I was instantly interested as I am familiar with Fox Creek Leather from their presence at motorcycle shows. Fox Creek is known for high quality leather chaps and jackets with a lifetime guarantee! Since they have a special product I felt they deserved special treatment and just a product review wouldn’t do them justice. Although they offered to send product to me I felt that we should go to Fox Creek Leather and pick up a pair of lined chaps in person. I was hoping to meet the people behind the company and maybe see the product being made. Their location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia made this excursion a no brainer. Seeing how we chose to test lined chaps we delayed the trip until early fall so that we could test and write about the product during prime chap wearing months. When we checked out the location it turned out Independence, VA is a little further away than I had thought! We needed to wait for a holiday weekend so that put our trip square on Labor Day.

Diana getting ready to ride

We did this trip on a budget so we took some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with us for lunch on day one. I packed them into a collapsable insulated Harley-Davidson lunch bag with two sodas, some snacks and a cold pack. I strapped the lunch bag to my luggage rack with my cargo net. Here is Diana curbside feasting at the Royal Farms gas station in Gamber, MD. We have used this Royal Farms for many pit stops on several trips this summer. It’s like a second home. They have a nicely laid out parking lot, great chicken, indoor seating, clean bathrooms, air conditioning and gas! They also have this nice little hill we like to sit on.

Lunch on day one

Diana planned a four day trip with us arriving at Fox Creek Leathers at noon on day two of the trip. We would have to scoot in and out of Fox Creek to make our motel in Asheville, North Carolina at a decent time. Diana was on a mission to ride her motorcycle in the state of Tennessee and that laid the groundwork for her plan.

The first leg of our trip took us from Delaware into Maryland traveling west. We mixed it up with Interstates and backroads. We cut into West Virginia at Harper’s Ferry and then down into Virginia. We took the traditional pit stop at Winchester Harley-Davidson where they had two of the new Sportster SuperLows on display. I took the below picture of the SuperLows and I also took some pictures of a Roush Mustang that came into the parking lot. Winchester says they are home to two American legends: Harley-Davidson and Patsy Kline. With that Mustang in the lot, make it three!

 sportster superlow

Winchester Harley-Davidson Showroom

Winchester Harley-Davidson

Roush Mustang Front Grill

Roush Mustang Sideview

From Winchester we traveled to Buena Vista, VA where we stayed at a cheap Budget Inn for less than $60 including breakfast. They sell beer at gas stations in Virginia! I got a six pack of Yuengling at the gas station across the street from the motel and picked up sandwiches at Subway next door to the motel. No need to get back on the bikes after a long day of riding and no need to spend any serious money. Yuengling and Subway make for a nice feast in the hotel room after a long day of riding (325 miles). We had three more long days of riding ahead of us! And yes I did order the fiery footlong due to the cheesy biker advertising campaign they are running.