September 2010 East Coast Biker

September 2010 East Coast Biker Online

I didn’t find time to submit a product review for September’s ECBO but Diana has a part three article about our spring trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Back then it was still Winter in the mountains so the pictures look like late fall early winter pictures. Now it’s late summer early fall and we just got back from second trip and our new pictures we took are of lush green mountain sides. It’s kind of funny looking at these pictures now. You can see what I mean in the previous post showing pictures from both trips.

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  1. This is what is alright about you two. You are doing what you want to do. You wanted to write for a bike rag and you are. You wanted to be Road Capt….well, you are. You wanted to start an online store and you did.

    It’s an awesome thing. That I admire.

  2. Thanks for the serious props. I always wanted to own my own business like you do, so I don’t feel as though I am worthy of your praise, but I do appreciate it.

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