Motorcycle Riding Photography

This is a bit difficult to write because my public image is all about motorcycle safety and this topic flys in the face of logic. But God knows we didn’t get into motorcycling due to logic! I’ll have to say that motorcycle riding photography (taking pictures while you are riding) should be reserved for non group riding adventures and on slow speed roads if anyone is going to do it. I also have to say I was inspired by the interview with Josh Kurpius which I posted in March. He was featured in HOG magaizine this past month but not related to photography. Although this is dangerous it’s not like I’m practicing heel clickers for the X-Games.

Click here for Josh Kurpius Interview

I added Josh’s blog to my blogroll. He and his friends have a blog called Kemosabe and the Lodge.

Back in the spring Diana and I visited the Blue Ridge Parkway where I took alot of pictures using an old Nikon CoolPix 995. The Nikon was my first digital camera and it cost an arm and a leg. It had 3.34 megapixels and 4x zoom. The delay time before the camera would show image in the digital screen was terribly slow. Here are some pics I shot while riding.

going back across the viaduct

Rear View Mirror

here we go

across the valley

riding to the top of the world

road to heaven

The Nikon died on us and we covered Gettysburg Bike Week as reporters with our dinky Kodak EasyShare CX7530 with 5.0 megapixels. The on/off switch is a dial which is not good for a riding camera. Need a button to turn off and on with one hand. Very easy to shoot though even though I prefer a bigger camera to work while riding. Bigger cameras also have a neck strap which is required equipment for riding and shooting. A wrist strap doesn’t cut it! The neck strap must be comfortable! The cheap ones that come cameras are too rough. The one that came with my Nikon chewed up the back of my neck and I felt like I had a bad sunburn. The little Kodak camera was terrible indoors even with it’s flash on. The delay between pictures on this camera was also lagging. Here is one picture taken on the self guided tour through Gettysburg battlefields while riding.

Battlefield 1

For our trip to Fox Creek leathers and a return to the Blue Ridge Parkway we decided to upgrade. Diana will be upgrading to an SLR soon but only the most expensive SLR’s show the picture on the digital screen before you snap your shot. This won’t work for me for riding and shooting. I can’t be using the eyepiece to frame shots while riding! A big screen is a must. A screen that can angle and swivel is a bonus. I bought a Canon Power Shot SX20IS with 12.1 megapixel and 20x optical zoom. This camera was pretty expensive but seemed to be the best I could get while maintaining the simplicity of a point and shoot. The Canon accepts filters so I purchased a UV filter to protect the lens and improve quality of pictures. This camera has a great shape for right handed only operation. Can be turned on and off with thumb. Zoom can be controlled with index finger. The camera takes awesome video with really good sound. The swivel screen allows for great worm eye and overhead shots (not to be taken while riding).  The Nikon probably still works but the battery charger that powers the battery is probably what really died. The Nikon was powered by a strange hard to get and expensive rechargeable battery. One of the features we like about our Canon and our little Kodak is that they use AA batteries that you can buy anywhere. Here are some shots to compare with the previous Blue Ridge Parkway pictures.

Fox Creek Trip 1

return to Linn Cove viaduct

Foxcreek Trip 2

Foxcreek Trip 3

Foxcreek Trip 4

foxcreek Trip 5

Foxcreek Trip 6