SHIFT Lodown Street Jean

I reached a new biker accomplishment! I wore the same jeans everyday for a four day trip! This is a skill one needs in order to pack light. The jeans I talk about are the Kevlar Reinforced Lodown Street Jean made by Shift Racing. Part# 70137

Jay and his Lodown Jeans from Riders Discount

These jeans are comfortable as long as the temperatures are mild to cool. In warmer weather I would get a little monkey butt syndrome after a long day in the saddle. These jeans feel very sturdy and protective. They feature three layers. They are made of durable 14 oz denim. They have Kevlar reinforced panels in the saddle, knee, hip and shin. The Kevlar is covered by a layer of cotton poplin for comfort. Needless to say although I feel protected in these pants, they are not my first choice on a hot humid summer day like the ones we had this year. Here is an inside out picture of the jeans so you can see the protective kevlar panels.

kevlar reinforcement

These jeans are sturdy but I think their claim to fame is style! Most Kevlar reinforced riding pants look like something from the generic aisle at K-Mart. Not these jeans! These are way styl’n and are probably aimed at the younger sport bike crowd. I feel younger wearing them! The pockets are positioned and cut differently. The stitching is strong and attractive. There is even gratuitous decorative stitching. The texture of the denim itself is more like a designer jean than a riding jean. There is some designer fraying of the material on the edges of the pockets. If you want a Kevlar reinforced riding jean that doesn’t look like a pair of Wally World specials than you need to check these out.

lodown jean rear pocket

Lodwon jean front

The pants retail for $79.95 which is pretty good in comparision to other Kevlar reinforced pants. They only come in different waist sizes. You have to shorten them to your liking. At first I shortened them too much by mistake because they have the new younger Gen X loose baggy fit. When I sat on my motorcycle it hiked the pants up; so we had to let out the hem and make them longer. I purchased mine from Riders Discount and I like them a lot. Try em, I think you’ll like em.

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I just received a pair of Defender Gusset Jeans from Diamond Gussett to test out. I’ll start wearing them and let you know what I think.

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