Run, Brake, Turn Signal Module Kit Harley-Davidson Part 69462-06A

I never liked the idea of relying 100% on a single tailight on my motorcycle to make me visible at night. It seems like too much is riding on that single lightbulb. I noticed a friend on a Heritage who had the Run, Brake, Turn Signal kit installed. In addition to his fender tailight the left and right rear signals acted as run and brake lights. They also blink to signal a turn. The three lights all with red lens caps give the motorcycle a little more substance at night in comparison to a motorcycle with only one red taillight.

The Harley-Davidson Auxiliary Brake/Run/Turn Signal Coversion Kit Part# 69462-06A only costs $59.95 and does not change the look of your bike other than changing the signal lens caps from yellow to red. The installation is a piece of cake. For the added safety I think this one is a no brainer.

To install the module you remove your seat and locate where the Main Harness connects to the Rear Fender Harness. This was easy on my bike because the wires had labels identifying them. I disconnedted them from each other and plugged them into the module so that the module was in between the Main Harness and the Rear Fender Harness. I changed the signal lens caps from the stock yellow ones to the new red ones. Reinstall seat. Installation complete!

69462-06A auxliary brake run turn signal conversion kit

I purchased the last kit in stock at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson during the Big Biker Weekend in July. I’ll buy another for Diana’s motorcycle as soon as possible.

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  1. Great idea. If you can buy it stock from Harley, I wonder why it isn’t just done that way from the factory. Makes good sense to me. It sounds a hell of a lot safer.

  2. There are a many things about Harleys you could say that about. Take the horn for example. The stock one is useless. They definitely make a lot of money on accessories. As much as I wish Harley would make these safety features stock, I wish people placed a higher priority on these accessories than chrome for the sake of chrome.

  3. I saw a new Wide Glide going down the road today. What caught my attention is that it doesn’t have a central tail light on the fender. Instead the turn signals act as running lights, brake lights and signals. Looks cool but those little bullet tail lights are hardly even visible. I would rather have the one big tail light.

  4. So let me get this straight. You took care of YOUR bike first. Need to talk to Diana about that! 🙂

    In all seriousness, thanks for putting this on your blog. I have also been concerned aboutt the lack of high visibility in the back end. For the price, this seems like one of the best deals going. Will look for one ASAP.

  5. Hey Steve! Good to hear from you. I’m glad you liked this item. My bike is the guinea pig. I usually test out the accessories first. If it’s a winner we buy another.

  6. I have a 2011 flstn (softail deluxe) and this module doesn’t work on my bike? #69462-06a. I bought one from the dealer and it lit up all 3 lights then when I hit the brakes the turn signals went out. I put it on my friends 04 fatboy and it worked fine. I know the parts book says the #69462-06b will work but the dealer says there not sure. Did anyone try this on a 2011 softail deluxe? Any commets would help thanks.

  7. I have installed the run brake turn signal module on my 2012 ultra classic limited and my run brake light go on when i have my ignition on Acc. Is that normal?

  8. I have installed the run brake turn signal module on my 2012 ultra classic limited and my run brake light goes on when i have my ignition on Acc. Is that normal?

  9. Sorry, I don’t know if that is normal or not.

  10. Thanks Jay

  11. I have same problem as Real on 2013 FLHTCUSE8. Anyone know why the rear turn signals stay on in accessory position?



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