American Custom Tone Flex System For Harley-Davidson Exhaust

This is an interesting product that appeals to me. First off it is a modification to the stock exhaust pipes so it is cost effective and it will appear to the authorities that your motorcycle is still equipped with the stock exhaust system that meets EPA standards. Secondly it is adjustable. You can change it from the full baffle system that is equivalent to stock sound, to a medium baffle system that adds a little rumble to completely removing the baffles for full thunder sound from stock pipes. Very convenient for switching back to stock sound before a DMV inspection. The company appears very customer friendly. You can order your tone flex system and send them your pipes for a core exchange/credit after you install your new ones leaving you with zero down time. If you prefer, you can send them your pipes and wait for them to come back with the tone flex modification. Full satisfaction guarantee. If you find this interesting check out their website at