Chrome vs Skill

After having spent the majority of my weekend helping park bikes for a large dealership event at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson I have come to the following conclusion: Hundreds of motorcyclists own amazing machines but they don’t know how to ride worth a damn! They should have their motorcycles taken away! I am amazed at the lack of riding skill demonstrated by the motorcycle riding public. The majority of bikers need to learn how to maneuver their motorcycles at slow speed. Any novice can ride a motorcycle in a straight line at highway speed. Unfortunately many so called seasoned riders haven’t developed the skill to do much more than that.

My HOG Chapter provided the volunteers who directed riders into a grass field where they were to park their motorcycles for Mike’s Famous Biker Weekend on July 16th -18th in New Castle, DE. There were a variety of bikes including some sport bikes. Most motorcycles were Harley-Davidsons. Riders of every denomination on every type of motorcycle demonstrated poor parking lot skills! I would say less than ten percent knew how to handle their bikes properly! Young ladies on powerful sport bikes seemed to be the least able to control the friction zone. The old guys were just plain scarey. I don’t know how they have been riding for so long. One old timer told me indignently that his Sportster wasn’t a dirt bike! If you can’t make a tight hairpin turn, swerve or stop your motorcycle in an emergency you should stay home and practice until you can. Your life depends on it! Furthermore you should be able to ride on a variety of terrain such as wet pavement, gravel and soft grass.

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I hope that someday we stop seeing riders wobble in and out of parking lots with their legs and feet all spread out like airplane landing gear. Please take some of that money you plan on using for chrome this year and put it aside for a MSF Rider course or other training tools such as the above mentioned DVD. The Ride Like A Pro DVD costs $29.95 plus $2.95 S&H. Click the below button to purchase using PayPal.