Sham Wow vs The Absorber – Product Review

Sham Wow is a Scam Wow

Guys know that when you wash a car or motorcycle you need to dry off the water before the sun to avoid water spots. I’m not sure if chicks know this. I’m not sure when or how I learned this; which leads me to believe it might be a genetic instinct.

To clean your motorcycle right you need a good chamois cloth. Chamois leather originated in the 1800’s when it was found out that if prepared properly the skin of the European Antelope known as Chamois would create a non abrasive and super absorbant cloth. Our genetic disposition to out perform each other means that today’s man (whether biker, hot rodder or boater) requires the edge on his competition. To outshine the other guy it is necesary to have a good chamois in your cleaning bucket.

Many of you are familiar with the Sham Wow from television infomercial fame. My findings at this point are that the Sham Wow is a scam wow.  Until well worn the new Sham Wow will leave little particles of orange sham wow hair on your motorcycle. Not a good side affect when you’re trying to reach the ultimate shine on your scooter. Chicks don’t dig a furry Harley. The Sham Wow does not absorb very well for the purpose of wiping down your bike after a good cleaning. In my opinion it barely works at all in this capacity. However I do believe that it will suck up a whole puddle of water it you let it sit there. But it doesn’t take the water off your mirror in a single wipe which is what you need for cleaning a motorcycle.

The Absorber

I find the typical synthetic chamois such as the commonly sold Absorber works a hundred times better. You can buy these cheap at most anywhere in a variety of colors. I have seen them at Walmart, K-Mart, automotive stores and at my local automotive dealer’s service department.

I apologize in advance for using the four wheeled Mustang as the backdrop for this product review. I cleaned it today and was inspired to finally write this piece on the crappy Sham Wow vs the all powerful synthetic chamois known as The Absorber!

9 Responses to “Sham Wow vs The Absorber – Product Review”

  1. Okay I’ve got two words for ya’ “Microfiber Cloth”

    I use them all the time and while they aren’t “Chamois” quality and super-absorbant, with regular wringing out they still do the job very well. I also use one of those H-D air dryers to dry out the nooks and crannies that I can’t reach in to. Gotta keep it cleaner than the guy next door!!!

  2. I’ve using the same Absorber for close to 10 years, dont know what they make them out of, but I recommend it to all my friends.

  3. I agree with you Sam. I have had mine a long long time. It was finally in need of replacement but I still use what’s left of the old one for dirty places like wheels.

  4. Doorman, I have a whole package of microfiber cloths, I didn’t know they were absorbant enough to be used in this capacity. Thanks!

  5. Ahem…. You apologize for using My Li’l Pony as a backdrop??? If it’s so shameful, then maybe I don’t need to let you drive her anymore… 😉

  6. i quit using water a while ago on my bikes. lemon pledge with sham wow is the ticket. wipe on w/ 1, wipe off w/ another. does everything soap and water does and you don’t get spots. don’t do the seat or floorboards. dust and bugs go away even on the windshield. orange pledge works well, too.

  7. Amen, Jay… my wife bought a box full of Sham Wows… I’m pretty certain they’re better at repelling water than actually absorbing it… (btw – furry Harley comment was hilarious). Word cannot spread quickly enough about how poorly these things perform. I’ll stick with my microfibers… one damp and one dry… for dusting/washing. Thanks for putting this “out there.”

  8. Thanks Glimmerman. I knew I was doing something wrong with the Sham Wow. I will trade you a case of Lemon Fresh Pledge and a package of Sham Wows for your CB.

  9. how about i come over and demonstrate what a beautiful streak free shine pledge can give you. no nasty hard water spots on chrome or engine surfaces. in fact, no chrome polish need on the engine covers and no unsightly misses of polish on the engine cases. amazing what can be done with just 1 cleaning product. don’t let the missus know what you are doing. women think the stuff is for furniture!

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