Consistancy in Filling Your Tank

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised when I say I have a number of dumb moments. The great thing about being honest about my dumb moments is that you can read about them here and chuckle… and learn from my experience if you are new to riding.

Those of you who do not have a gas gauge and those of you who are wise know that you need to know how many miles your motorcycle can travel on a full tank of gas. You know? This way you can use your odometer as a gas gauge to see how much further you can travel before filling up again. Common sense, right?

For some reason my gas gauge was dropping lower than Diana’s sooner (we pretty much have the same motorcycle and gas up together at the same time). She would tell me not to worry because we have x amount of miles left before we need to gas up. I would become concerned because my gas gauge would be lower than expected for the amount of miles traveled. I started to think the Stabil I put in my tank in the winter was affecting my motorcycles efficiency. Maybe I plugged up the jets somehow? This became an issue on the Blue Ridge Parkway because we were in the middle of nowhere and didn’t know where the next gas stop was and I needed some go go juice badly! Diana didn’t need it so badly and kept telling me not to worry, that we had plenty of miles left.

I figured out what was happening! I had gotten out of the habit of completely topping off my tank. Less gas = less miles. No wonder my gas gauge was hitting the low point twenty or so miles earlier than it should. The lessen here is: you need to be consistant in filling your tank if you are going to use your odometer as a gas gauge. I hope there is at least one person out there who didn’t realize this before reading my post and doesn’t think I am a complete boob. For those of you who do think I am a complete boob; I know who you are and you do not need to comment.

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  1. OK, I won’t comment then. 😉

  2. NO COMMENT !!!!!!!!!

  3. Laughing too hard to comment….

  4. I do use my odometer and this has happened to me, because my husband’s friend filled my tank for me. NEVER again! That’s the first time I ran out of fuel – on the freeway – and panicked because I had forgotten about RESERVE!!!!! So we had a good laugh over it, too. 🙂

  5. Well, from one boob to another… I couldn’t figure out why my light came on after only 135 miles, a couple weeks ago while riding to the Angel City Rally. I can usually get at least 175 miles a tank. While filling up I was pondering if I would be lucky enough to hook up with a couple more cars allowing me to tuck in behind them and continue my cruise down the interstate doing about 90 mph.

    BINGO! It dawned on me, I ran my gas out cause I was so heavy on the throttle! Woo Hoo! Fast miles= less miles… welcome to my boob moment! LOL!

  6. Wind, altitude, air filter, stop and go, high speed riding, tire pressure….pffftt….there is a shit load of things that will affect gas mileage. EFI has helped this out a whole bunch.
    This ain’t a dumb deal here friend. It just happens. I have learned this lesson more than once. Now, as soon as my guage drops below half a tank I’m already looking for another fuel dump. I don’t like pushing my tank below a quarter. There ain’t no reason to risk it…unless you really, really have to.
    Want to hear dumbass? Try running out of fuel simply because you were in ‘the zone’ and just completely forgot that you needed to put gas in your ride to keep it running. Yeah, been there. I was so happy to finally get out on a long run that I forgot to fill the tank and just headed out.

  7. dear mr. green, don’t you set a “safe” number of miles traveled before you get nervous? on the road king, i go after 100 miles. the most i’ve been is 146 miles and i was sweating something terrible. this ultra is supposed to go254 miles by the gauge miles. i get squirrely about 170 miles. if you just set a finite number and stick to it +/- 10 miles or so, you will eliminate that worry. jmho.

  8. Dear Di reck tor,

    if you should be so unfortunate as to run dry on your go go juice as you call it…..

    I am, Sure oh SO SURE that your lovely Wife, and partner will let you ride BITCH to the nearest go go juice bar.

    in fact i would just love to see that photo, soooooo when it happens dear Diana, please, PLEASEEE…thats a classic Kodak Moment.

    Ride Safe, Ride Often, and let those who Ride Decide!!!!!

    Skip AKA Diesel

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