We Still Love You Karen

Karen on her big girl bike

It has been a year since the tragic accident on April 24, 2009 that took the life of our close friend Karen Fortner. We will never forget our friend, she was one in a million. A true original who touched many hearts. She is dearly missed.

Karen, we still love you!

7 Responses to “We Still Love You Karen”

  1. Amen.

  2. You know someone is a special person when people keep on caring after they’re gone. Prayers and thoughts for Karens family and friends on this sad anniversary.

  3. Thanks BB

  4. She may not be physically with us, but, and I think I speak for everyone…she is with us every minute of every day, in our hearts….

  5. The sign of a truly fortunate, loved and admired person is what others say about them after they have taken the next step. Another sign is how long they are remember by those who are still stuck here.

    You have honored such a person and remembered. We should all be that fortunate. You forever have a sister at your back watching out for you.

    Thanks for honoring the rider.

  6. A person who is remembered, lives forever

  7. Amen

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