Free Online Motorcycle Safety Course

One of our First State Chapter Road Captains sent us this link to an excellent motorcycle safety video and quiz. It is really really good! Coincidentally some of the scenes for the “Personal Protective Gear” were shot at our friend’s shop in Virginia Beach. That’s right! Tami Walker’s Diva Customs as mentioned in our previous post on RC USA. Tami is even in the video! I was watching the video and I was like “Hold the phone! That’s Diva Customs! I was just there!”

Here is the link:

Princess, Hairsnipper and Diva

Return to Diva Customs

Diva Customs in Virginia Beach store front

Diva Customs Front Room

Diva Customs Sportster

6 Responses to “Free Online Motorcycle Safety Course”

  1. You guys are so awesome! I did not know how to find that video, they shot it last summer. Thanks for forwarding it to me!


  2. Weird how things happen. We were just sent the e-mail earlier today and I was watching it. I was totally into the video and then bam! I almost fell out of my chair. That’s Diva Customs! Diana jumped out of her seat and was like”WHERE!?”

  3. Is there a way to download the whole video? Takes too long, even with my 1Mb connection!

  4. Nice blog. I really like this online safety course. Plan on sharing with my CMA group.

  5. Thanks Oz.

  6. i need safety course.

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