My Motorcycle is a Pack Mule!

I was happy with the way we had the motorcycles outfitted for luggage on our recent trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has become much easier to take what we need comfortably since Diana started traveling on her own motorcycle. That opens a whole new space to load up!

Stuff we didn’t plan to use:

I filled the saddle bags with the stuff that we didn’t need to unpack and take into the motels with us. I put the raingear in the low side saddle bag since the weather report didn’t call for any rain in our travels. I put tools, tire repair kit and air compresser in the high side saddle bag. I also put the can of plexiglass cleaner and a clean rag in that saddle bag for cleaning the helmets and windshields every morning. I stuffed my collection of riding gloves on top of all that so that I had gloves for cold weather, mild weather and warm weather. I didn’t know what to expect seeing how we were heading into the moutains. I ended up using all of them.

Clothing, toiletries and other necessities:

We packed our clothes into the duffle bag with the toiletries and other items that would need to come into the motels with us in the evening. I strapped the duffle bag down across the passenger seat to the saddle bags. This way I just have to take off the two bungee cords and the luggage is ready to take into the room at night. I put a few items that I wanted to be accessable during the day into my T-bag like a short sleeve shirt if it got warm and a sweatshirt if it got cold… and a hat for my bald head. The T-bag comes off the bike easy also. It comes in the room at night like the duffle bag.

Pack Mule 

The unexpected:

I used the Harley-Davidson 18″ x 18″ 6 Hook Cargo Net Part# 98169-88T to strap my camera bag on top of my duffle bag against the back of my sissy bar. The cargo net proved invaluable as we constantly stuffed things into it on the fly. When the days warmed up and it was time to take the chaps off they got stuffed into the cargo net. Most notable were our shopping excusions into the gas station convenience stores to pick up a variety of snacks and beveridges for the road. We never knew when we were going to have our next real meal so we would stock up on danish, chips and fruit if available. We always got more water and Gatorade. we would just tie the plastic shopping bag in a knot and stuff it into the cargo net. Snacks and beverages were always easy access. Smushed food tastes the same as food that is not smushed. Also, you never know when you’re going to need your Sham-Wow! You can see I kept that handy also.

Thanks Gordy for the Cargo Net! We love it!