This guy obviously thinks length matters most

man with long bike

This guy must think he is the John Holmes of motorcycling. That reminds me of a joke I heard some of our HOG friends telling:

There was this guy who loved his wife and had her name tattooed on his penis. Her name was Wendy. Most of the time just the W and the y were visible. They went on vaction to Jamiaca together and the man noticed another man in the men’s room with the same “Wy” tattoo in the same place. He said to the other man “Look we have the same tattoo. Is your wife’s name Wendy also?”. He said “No, mine says “Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day”.

2 Responses to “This guy obviously thinks length matters most”

  1. A laugh-out-loud moment. Thanks for the joke.

  2. You are welcome.

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