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Harley-davidson Air Flow Gloves

When winter fades away I break out the fair weather gloves for cool weather riding. In the spring and fall I wear a pair of Olympia full finger thin leather gloves with a thin layer of padding in the palm. These were the first motorcycle gloves I bought when I got into riding Harleys. I worry that if I go down the pavement will shred through the thin layer of leather and padding. In the summer I have been wearing Olympia fingerless gloves with a healthy amount of padding in the palm. I worry if I go down the exposed parts of my fingers will get shredded. I know I’m a spaz and I worry too much, but I have been wanting to get a pair of full finger gloves that provide cooling air flow in the summer and a healthy amount of padding in the palm. Our sponsoring dealer is currently offering 15% off of in stock gloves to members of our HOG chapter so I went up to Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, Delaware (in Tax Free Delaware). If the staff didn’t know me they would have thought I was a crazy man taking half an hour to pick out a pair of gloves at closing time. Well they probably do think I’m crazy even if they do know me.

I kept going back and forth trying out gloves and asking myself questions. Do I like the fit? Is there enough padding to take the edge off a crash if I go down hands first? Will I be able to get them on quickly if everone is ready to hit the road when I get out of the mens room last? Can I get them off quickly so I’m not last in line for the men’s room. Finally I decided on the Men’s Air Flow Gloves 98183-99VM. The Large were a tad too big but were comfortable and easy to get on and off. Ijust wish they were a tiny bit smaller. The medium fit like a glove on my hands but too tight in the wrist causing the velcro to feel scratchy. I took the large. These gloves are actually a bargain at $35 and with my 15% off they were $29.75 and with a $25 gift certificate redeemed from my Friends and Family points I only spent $4.75! 

They have a thick lightweight fabric topside and pigskin leather bottomside with a fair amount of padding. I can see myself cutting the velcro tabs off to make them easy access. I hope we have a long and mutully beneficial relationship. Anyway, I wrote this article to illustrate all the nutty little conversations I have with myself when making a simple decision about a pair of gloves. I hope that you don’t think that I am completely nuts and that you agree that we spend many many hours in the saddle and choosing the right gloves is an important decision… similar to choosing a mate. You’re gonna spend a lot of time together, you have to trust your gloves to have your back if things get dicey and they have to be a good fit. Too bad you can’t just date a few different gloves before choosing the right ones.

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  1. You are definitely nuts!

  2. I bought the same gloves last month, and really like them.

  3. Glad to hear it! Thanks Steve.

  4. I AGREE HE IS NUTS!!!!!!

  5. Ok, I have been looking for a pair of road season gloves…mine have been destroyed from use. I was actually thinking about a pair of Kevlar Mechanics gloves, but I think I like these better.

    Gloves all the time, gloves all the time. Never ride without the gloves…even fingerless. I can’t count how many times something minor could have been alot worse if I didn’t have my fingers in solid condition.


  7. I was hoping.

  8. If there’s enough friction to wear through the “thin layer of leather and padding” on your previous gloves, would there not also be enough friction to pull your new gloves – sans velcro wrist closure – off of your hand? Such deep thoughts regarding safety and hand protection all shot-to-hell. Imagine you were looking for a safe helmet and then informed us that you were going to cut off the helmet retention buckle and straps.

    Also, if your intent included “cutting off the velcro tabs”, wouldn’t it have been better to go with the medium, as there would no longer be a “scratchy” feeling from the velcro.?.?

    My “bee-up-my-ass” attitude today aside, props to ya for promoting such consideration to safety. Grain of salt included.

    Finally (thank God) – Re: “similar to choosing a mate”. I have quite a few gloves that I rotate through – can’t make up my mind which one I like most – should my wife be concerned?

  9. I would only be concerned about the bee and how it got there. All kidding aside, thank you for pointing out to cons of taking the velcro tab off the glove.

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