New Warm Weather Gloves

Harley-davidson Air Flow Gloves

When winter fades away I break out the fair weather gloves for cool weather riding. In the spring and fall I wear a pair of Olympia full finger thin leather gloves with a thin layer of padding in the palm. These were the first motorcycle gloves I bought when I got into riding Harleys. I worry that if I go down the pavement will shred through the thin layer of leather and padding. In the summer I have been wearing Olympia fingerless gloves with a healthy amount of padding in the palm. I worry if I go down the exposed parts of my fingers will get shredded. I know I’m a spaz and I worry too much, but I have been wanting to get a pair of full finger gloves that provide cooling air flow in the summer and a healthy amount of padding in the palm. Our sponsoring dealer is currently offering 15% off of in stock gloves to members of our HOG chapter so I went up to Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, Delaware (in Tax Free Delaware). If the staff didn’t know me they would have thought I was a crazy man taking half an hour to pick out a pair of gloves at closing time. Well they probably do think I’m crazy even if they do know me.

I kept going back and forth trying out gloves and asking myself questions. Do I like the fit? Is there enough padding to take the edge off a crash if I go down hands first? Will I be able to get them on quickly if everone is ready to hit the road when I get out of the mens room last? Can I get them off quickly so I’m not last in line for the men’s room. Finally I decided on the Men’s Air Flow Gloves 98183-99VM. The Large were a tad too big but were comfortable and easy to get on and off. Ijust wish they were a tiny bit smaller. The medium fit like a glove on my hands but too tight in the wrist causing the velcro to feel scratchy. I took the large. These gloves are actually a bargain at $35 and with my 15% off they were $29.75 and with a $25 gift certificate redeemed from my Friends and Family points I only spent $4.75! 

They have a thick lightweight fabric topside and pigskin leather bottomside with a fair amount of padding. I can see myself cutting the velcro tabs off to make them easy access. I hope we have a long and mutully beneficial relationship. Anyway, I wrote this article to illustrate all the nutty little conversations I have with myself when making a simple decision about a pair of gloves. I hope that you don’t think that I am completely nuts and that you agree that we spend many many hours in the saddle and choosing the right gloves is an important decision… similar to choosing a mate. You’re gonna spend a lot of time together, you have to trust your gloves to have your back if things get dicey and they have to be a good fit. Too bad you can’t just date a few different gloves before choosing the right ones.