I Wanna Be A Wanna Be

It rubs me the wrong way to read about motorcyclists referring to others as Wanna Be’s. Who is born with a motorcycle? We all had to have that Wanna Be desire at some point before we made the leap. And then when someone makes the leap and buys a motorcycle they have to be ridiculed and mocked as a wanna be… unless of course it is someone you know. In that case they are more politely referred to as a Newbie. Eventually they get enough miles under their belt to become a full fledged biker and then they probably follow suit and start mocking others who they don’t consider real bikers. Personally, I miss the desire and passion I had before my dream of owning a Harley became a reality. I also miss the excitement that came with being a new rider once my dream was realized. Now I’m just another jaded Harley owner.

There was a period in my life when I was obsessed with muscle cars. At one point I had several hundred dollars invested in a 1/10th scale radio control ’69 Mustang GT350. Even as an accomplished Harley rider I was a Wanna Be. I never thought I would realize the dream of owning an American icon on four wheels. I told myself “cars are for transportation and a muscle car is not practical.” I tried to settle my desire by convincing myself “my motorcycle is my passion.” My wife Diana is much like me and we decided to decorate our kitchen in homage to the Shelby Mustang GT350. So we have this kitchen that is a Mustang shrine and I think that alone officially made us under cover secret Mustang Wanna Be’s who happened to own Harleys. Knowing that Diana’s car was on it’s last legs I asked her in January wether we should be practical and buy a mini SUV or if we should buy our dream car. She voted practical and said she wanted a Saturn Vue. Sadly, Saturn is no more and a good Vue is hard to find.

Another cherry has been popped! Diana had a change of heart. As of this morning Diana and I took another leap of faith and purchased the dream car of our budget. Now a cherry 2005 Mustang GT Convertable sits in the driveway. Actually Diana took it to a Pink Garage Party… so it’s not really in the driveway; my Toyota Corolla is. Now that we have two Harleys, a Mustang, a house and each other… what is left to yearn for? I know! An all inclusive dream vaction package to a Caribbean Island! Yeah! I’m a Wanna Be again! Dream’n bout rum punch drinks from the poolside swim up bar.

You only live once so “Go for the Gusto!”

Mustang from worm’s view on rainy day

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  1. Glad you are making some of your dreams come true.

  2. Good for you two! Practical is overrated. Besides, the kids are gone….who needs it!

  3. Jay – this is such an interesting post! In the past ten years, I have been a “wanna be” on so many fronts. Unfortunately, what seemed to be a trend there for awhile was that as soon as I fulfilled the immediate want, I lost interest! Bikes and blogging seem to be the 2 things I have stuck with, so I’m grateful they are activities that are still part of my life. But I sure wonder, what the heck was up with all those other “wants”? Maybe they weren’t real wants? Still scratching my head over them sometimes. I love what B.B. said – “Practical is over-rated” – for sure!

  4. There is always an itch thet needs to be scratched. The hunt is more exciting than the kill.

  5. Congrats on the new Mustang! As for “Wannabes”, it’s not someone who wants to own a motorcycle. Rather, it’s someone who hopes to gain a certain reputation from others just because of the motorcycle.

  6. Good for you….why the fuck not. If you can afford it there is no reason not to do it. SAVOR!

    Life is way too short. Good for you two. Cars don’t excite me in the least, but your getting what you want…that’s exciting! love it.

    Agree with the wanna’be thing. Come to think of it, every swinging dick and twat is a wanna be in one way or another! Every one is also an expert on something.

  7. Now that made me laugh out loud Dave! You kill me. I haven’t seen the T word used in blogging… until now.

  8. Congrats on the new ‘stang!!! Hopefully, we’ll live in a world someday where a man can openly love both his Harley and his muscle car 🙂

    MoPhi makes an excellent point.

  9. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope we can someday love both car and motorcylce in the same world. I don’t think any one person has one sole reson for buying a motorcycle. They are drawn to it for multiple reasons. Who are we to judge their reasons? Just like Dave said, we are all wannabes in some way shape or form and everyone is good at something. I’m glad Dave can see my point. There is no reason to be knocking the wannabes unless they came over and pissed on your your party.

  10. Congrats on the ‘stang. These new models with the retro styling are the bomb. If I was rich enough to afford a toy car, I’d get one of those new Dodge Challenger R/T’s…now THAT is what would make me a MOPAR wannabe for sure! The reality is that I need a truck/van/suv because of all the people and stuff I periodically need to haul. That’s life.
    Steve (MoPhi) does have an excellent point. It’s ok to want a certain bike or car. It’s when you realize the only reason for the want is a desire to somehow receive better social standing by way of vehicle ownership that you lose respect for someone. Hell, I admit when I bought my black ’78 Bandit T/A back in the day, I was hoping it would make it easier to pick up women. It did. What it did not do is make it easier to keep them. That’s when I learned my lesson.
    There’s only one thing I wannabe…and that’s disgustingly wealthy. They say love is more important than money, but in the immortal words of “Bud” Bundy, “you can always rent love!”
    Enjoy your new car brother.

  11. Joker,
    1–She’s an ’05 so it really didn’t take a disgusting amount of wealth to pay for her (she ran about half the price of a new one!
    2–That would be “Enjoy your new car sister“…seeing as she is MY daily ride!
    3–Have I mentioned how awesome it is to be an empty-nester? 🙂

  12. Well, I stand corrected! LOL…sorry about that Lady Di…enjoy YOUR new ride SISTER! 🙂

    I used to say I was glad I had my 20’s to party and do whatever I wanted before “settling down” to start a family. Now, I have a whole different perspective. While I used to think people who had kids in their late teens/early 20’s were fools because they threw their youth away, I now realize I was way off base. I was a shithead in those days. All the “freedom” I had was wasted because I didn’t have the money or the maturity to really live life to the fullest. It was wasted in a haze of booze and sometimes drugs. In the end, all I got out of it was 12 less years my liver will hold out. Now, I’d give just about anything to go back and spend my 20’s and 30’s raising the kids so I could really enjoy my 40s and 50s. But, what’s done is done and I’ll be nearly 60 by the time my youngest boy is college age. By the time I’m an “empty nester,” I’ll probably be buying a frigging Buick instead of a Mustang. C’est la vie…

  13. Hey Joker, I’m in exactly the same position you are. Didn’t know what I was missing (kids) and wasting (time) until I had my kids. And anyone who quotes Bud Bundy has gotta be a wise man.
    Princess Di, 1) Smart, 2) Touche, & 3) your Evil Genius side is showing.

  14. Nice post. Been enjoying going back and reading site. Being a new rider (again, since it’s been 20 years since I last owned a bike), I’m kinda conscious of being a newbie, but don’t want to drift into the negative side of being a wannabe.

  15. The important thing is to learn how to ride safely. I recommend taking an MSF course. The only other thing is to be yourself. Be the real thing, don’t put on a show.

  16. I agree. Trying to find time in my schedule to take the local course. Feelin’ dumb that I dropped my bike in my driveway because the kick stand wasn’t all the way on. Broke of my mirror and blinker, but there was no body damage, so it could have been worse. Won’t make that mistake again.

  17. Sometimes a little thing like that is a good little wake up call to respect the machine. Better to get the wake up call early in your riding career. A reminder is in order when we get complacent.

  18. Jay, you’re wise beyond your years (however many years that may be.)
    Chance, first of all – good luck gettin’ back on the hoss and ride safe, brother. If you’re aware of WBS (wannabe syndrome), it may rear it’s ugly head once in awhile, but it won’t get outta control…. and… don’t think you won’t make that kickstand mistake again – or you will.
    Take the BRC and/or ERC as frequently as you’re able to do so. I just finished an ERC and the improvement resulting from corrections to my technical errors is quite apparent – ya gotta listen and do what they say, or it won’t do you any good.

  19. Thanks Mike! For that I’ll tell a funny and humbling story that happened to me recently. I have never dropped one of my street bikes and I was getting a little cocky about it. Thought I never would. This past week I was in a parking lot straddling my bike. I decided that I needed to fix my male equipment and make it more comfortable before we took off. I had both hands off the bars and to my surprise the bike fell over. I couldn’t stop it until it came to rest on the pipes. I couldn’t believe it fell over! I couldn’t believe how heavy it was once it tipped! That’s a first for me. For now on a fix myself with one hand or not at all… or I put the kickstand down first.

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