I Wanna Be A Wanna Be

It rubs me the wrong way to read about motorcyclists referring to others as Wanna Be’s. Who is born with a motorcycle? We all had to have that Wanna Be desire at some point before we made the leap. And then when someone makes the leap and buys a motorcycle they have to be ridiculed and mocked as a wanna be… unless of course it is someone you know. In that case they are more politely referred to as a Newbie. Eventually they get enough miles under their belt to become a full fledged biker and then they probably follow suit and start mocking others who they don’t consider real bikers. Personally, I miss the desire and passion I had before my dream of owning a Harley became a reality. I also miss the excitement that came with being a new rider once my dream was realized. Now I’m just another jaded Harley owner.

There was a period in my life when I was obsessed with muscle cars. At one point I had several hundred dollars invested in a 1/10th scale radio control ’69 Mustang GT350. Even as an accomplished Harley rider I was a Wanna Be. I never thought I would realize the dream of owning an American icon on four wheels. I told myself “cars are for transportation and a muscle car is not practical.” I tried to settle my desire by convincing myself “my motorcycle is my passion.” My wife Diana is much like me and we decided to decorate our kitchen in homage to the Shelby Mustang GT350. So we have this kitchen that is a Mustang shrine and I think that alone officially made us under cover secret Mustang Wanna Be’s who happened to own Harleys. Knowing that Diana’s car was on it’s last legs I asked her in January wether we should be practical and buy a mini SUV or if we should buy our dream car. She voted practical and said she wanted a Saturn Vue. Sadly, Saturn is no more and a good Vue is hard to find.

Another cherry has been popped! Diana had a change of heart. As of this morning Diana and I took another leap of faith and purchased the dream car of our budget. Now a cherry 2005 Mustang GT Convertable sits in the driveway. Actually Diana took it to a Pink Garage Party… so it’s not really in the driveway; my Toyota Corolla is. Now that we have two Harleys, a Mustang, a house and each other… what is left to yearn for? I know! An all inclusive dream vaction package to a Caribbean Island! Yeah! I’m a Wanna Be again! Dream’n bout rum punch drinks from the poolside swim up bar.

You only live once so “Go for the Gusto!”

Mustang from worm’s view on rainy day