A Big HOG Thank You Project

A HOG Chapter can not exist without a Harley-Davidson dealership as their sponsor and a successful HOG Chapter relys on a good relationship with their sponsor. First State HOG enjoys an excellent relationship with their sponsoring dealership: Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson in New Castle, DE. The 2009 members of First State HOG wanted to show their appreciation to Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson for all the great things they had been doing for the chapter. We presented our sponsor with a huge custom made decorative mirror emphasizing the MFHD Friends & Family philosophy. Afterall, our HOG Chapter shares a “Friends & Family” relationship not only with our fellow chapter members but many of the staff members at Mike’s Famous.

As a side note, you should also make it a point to thank all your chapter volunteers, officers and the employee’s at your sponsoring dealer who go out of their way to be involved with chapter functions. You can do this by presenting them with special certificates and volunteer pins available through HOG.

To make the above mentioned mirror we found a decorative mirror that needed a home. Diana made a design utizing the MFHD chevron logo and one of the HOG logo’s. She added some flames and it came out pretty cool! She amazes me everyday with her hidden talents! We e-mailed the design to one of our members who had a Cricut Machine. This is an amazing little machine that cuts stencils. She used it to chemically etch the mirror. The etching came out incredible!

I built a custom frame for the mirror like a shadowbox to give it bulk and depth. I fitted it with bolts to make it look industrial. I painted it with the same orange paint used to make our Chili Cook-off trophies. Below are pictures in case you want to make something similar. See my trophy post for more information on the paint color.

build frame

paint frame

insert mirror and apply hanging wire

reinforce corners

Insert bolts

finished product