Tips, Tricks and Techniques for: Surviving The Mean Streets – DVD

Ride Like A Pro Surviving The Mean Streets

It should be no secret that I endorse and sell the Ride Like A Pro motorcycle training DVD’s at my online store but up until today I had never watched Surviving The Mean Streets. I don’t usually sell something that I have not previewed. As I have said many times on this blog, training is essentail! As riders we spend too much money on accessories and too little on training. Although some of you may watch the DVD and say “I knew that” after every scene, watching the video moves these common sense pratices from the back of your brain to the front. Watching DVD’s like this get you in the right mind set even if you already knew the material. To be a good rider you need to be humble and seek to learn. I like this video and want you to watch it along with the other Jerry “Motorman” Palladino training DVD’s (Ride Like A Pro and Ride Like A Pro on the Dragon).

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Here is a quote from the book Motorcycle ROADCRAFT:

A fully professional approach to riding requires you to take an objective look at the facts, to be prepared, where there is evidence, to discard inappropriate attitudes and to develop a critical awareness of your own attitudes and capabilities.

The key steps to achieving this critical self-awareness are:

  • acknowledging that attitudes affect riding performance
  • being aware of your own attitudes and recognising that they affect your risk of having an accident
  • recognising that your are vulnerable, especially on a motorcycle
  • making safety your primary concern in all your riding decisions
  • considering your own experience of near misses or accidents and what you can learn from them
  • carrying through changes in attitude to your riding performance by applying them in every riding situation.

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