My First Motorcycle Media Press Pass

While researching an article on the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows I came across the media page and information on media day. Members of the media could apply for a press pass to media day online. I have been writing this blog for two years, I write for East Coast Biker and I write for the so I guess I could be considered “media”. So I applied and was granted a press pass to the New York City International Motorcycle Show and invited to attend the early opening for members of the media!

I scheduled a day off from work and woke up early on Friday, January 22nd to drive 2 hours to New York. Most people recommended I take a train from Trenton, NJ but I drove. It was supposed to snow but it didn’t. I arrived in New York and found a parking garage with no problem. I got to the Jacob Javits Convention Center on time and after signing in, collecting my press pass and checking in my coat I joined the other members of the media for a continental breakfast. Free juice, coffee and danish! This is awesome!

It was exciting to rove around the presentations with all the professional photographers, writers and tv crews. The most exciting event of the day was being present for the unveiling of a new Harley-Davidson! I was in on the latest news issued from the Mo Co and ready to drive home and write about it. I was brimming with excitement when I got home, downloaded my video and pictures to write a ground breaking story on the latest development at HD. Writing this blog is so much fun!!! I’m glad I have a hobby to keep me occupied in the winter.

The best part of my day had nothing to do with motorcycles. Before retrieving my car from the $15 parking garage, I stopped for lunch at the Broadway Deli. I got me a triple decker hot pastrami and corned beef sandwich on rye with spicy brown mustard. The bread was browned in butter on the grill. The sandwich alone was worth the trip! God bless NYC food!

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