Jonesing to Ride My Harley

Chilly Diana at Mike’s famous Harley Davidson new castle

Sitting back to reflect I could only conclude that the last time I threw a leg over my Harley had been prior to Thanksgiving!  It was about that time that Joker was lamenting putting his bike up for the Massachusetts winter, and I very clearly replied that I was not ready to do that yet. 

First there was rain & cold and holiday shopping to do, and opportunity never presented itself.  First State HOG had a ride planned for Christmas Day, but it got cancelled due to the 2 feet of snow on the ground!  This was followed by what seemed like an eternity of below-freezing “high” temperatures and the feeling that I must be living in Alaska as opposed to Delaware.

The traditional New Year’s Day Ride was also postponed – twice – due to extreme weather and poor road conditions.  That didn’t much matter to me anyway, because I was busy every weekend renovating my townhouse in Baltimore to prepare it for sale.

Then came the day of the re-re-scheduled New Year’s Ride, and the sun was shining bright in the sky.  Temps were in the mid-50’s and four dozen FSH members showed up for the ride to Dover to take over Where Pigs Fly for lunch!  But alas, I was not amidst them.  No less than 4 people called or texted at some point that afternoon to report on what a great ride it was and inquire why we were not there.  Jay and I were stripping wallpaper and re-grouting a bathroom floor.  Two months and still a parked motorcycle…

Martin Luther King Day came and I had off work.  The weather was quite pleasant and several of my friends were heading off on two wheels to the beach for lunch.  I was all set and ready to go with them until I woke up that morning.  Every bone in my body ached from the renovation work, and I was so exhausted I could hardly move.  It would have been irresponsible and dangerous for me to operate a motorcycle while in that condition.  So another week went by with my kickstand firmly planted on the ground in the garage.

Perhaps I should just follow Joker’s lead and winterize the Harley for a few months?  The weatherman predicted that it would barely get above freezing for the next 10 days.  I have no heated gear, and not even the greatest pair of gloves.  Wind chill charts for 30 mph put the “real feel” temperatures in the teens.

The Chilly Willy Crew

But Road Captain Kevin had planned a “Chilly Willy Ride” on Saturday.  I was jonesing to ride so badly that I threw caution to the wind (as any good biker would do), put on many layers of gear, and headed out on my Super Glide despite the 32-degree temperature that morning.  About a mile from my house a very warm feeling came over me and spread a huge smile across my face.  It was the overwhelming thought that “two wheels move your soul.”  My soul could have moved mountains that day!