Kain Saul Flips Harley-Davidson XR1200

6 Responses to “Kain Saul Flips Harley-Davidson XR1200”

  1. It took me a couple of broken bones and some neck injuries just to do that on a trampoline…awwww hell no on a bike…well, maybe…looks fun anyway.

    Insane! Actually, I really dig that off road mod on the XR. That would be a good bike for the snow…hint hint.

  2. I’ll get you one for Christmas… do you get snow where you live?

  3. That was AWESOME!!!! Jay, I get snow were I live.

  4. I know you get snow, you live in the next development over from me. However, I promised California Dave an XR1200 for Christmas and I can only afford one. maybe he will share it with you.

  5. Won,t be seeing me doing that on mine. Although that was pretty neat. Bob

  6. Was thinking of you the minute I saw this Bob.

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