Mo Motorcycle Blogs

I added a few new addtions to my motorcycle blog roll. These blogs are a little edgy featuring an in your face FU I just wanna ride attitude. I like the tude!

Bolts Action

Cycle Zombies

Dark Custom 

Grim Metal Worx

5 Responses to “Mo Motorcycle Blogs”

  1. Also added Kurt Sutter’s blog for all you SOA fans out there!

  2. And if you’d be willing to add my blog I would be grateful for the link and shout out.


  3. Hi Goldie! I checked out your blog. Very interesting.

  4. Does that mean Jay you will add my site? How interesting is it and will you refer others to the blog?

  5. Your blog lets us peek into the life and attitude of a Chicago MC lifestyle and in that regard it is extremely interesting. I recommend anyone reading this to go check it out. However there are other things I take into consideration when adding blogs to my blogroll and I politely decline from adding your blog at this time. Good luck with your blog, finding the right club for you and getting the respect you deserve.

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