Is Ladies of Harley Outdated?

The motorcycle industry has embraced the female market segment. Women riders although still a minority are not uncommon. Women riders are empowered! So why do we have an exclusive segment of HOG special for women? My wife prefers to be treated as equal, not special. So as you guess, my opinion is that LOH should be replaced with something more up to date. 

Harley-Davidson, HOG and each local chapter of HOG are challenged with attracting the under thirty market segment. HOG Chapters are filled with middle aged members, but where are the twenty somethings? Perhaps HOG should consider a special young adult group. Call it LT30 for “Less Than 30”.

The only problem I see with going this route is: where do you draw the line? If you have a special group for women and a special group for young adults then you need to treat all minority groups special. Where would it end?!

So I ask you:

What do you think of LOH and the idea of a new youth oriented group? Can you think of any new sub groups? Did I drink too much beer tonight and I am off my rocker?

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