A Few Nuggets of Wisdom from the Head Road Captain

This blog is in part meant to be a referance site for Road Captains all over the world. The how to and when to information on leading and sweeping group motorcycle rides is limited. Here are just a few nuggets from our Head Road Captain, Lem McMaster. These are pretty basic but important. I gleamed these from our monthly Road Captain meeting earlier this evening and was inspired to share them with you. Please drop in your own nuggets by leaving some comments.

The First Rest Stop: when you start a ride in the morning everyone is full of breakfast coffee and the first rest break should be set within the first hour or 80 miles. Let everyone use the restroom and adjust their gear. Sometimes you wear too much or not enough gear and you need to strip off or add some layers. Once this first stop is out of the way you can really roll.

Park Far Away from the Rest Area: when parking for a comfort stop don’t park at the front door to the gas station or convenience store. Park far enough away so you can walk a little bit and get the blood flowing through your body.

Be The Last: as the RC you should be the last to get gas, eat a snack, smoke a cigarette and so forth so that by the time you are done you know the pack riders have had enough time to do their thing and are ready to roll when you are.

Ride Your Own Ride: everyone must heed this advice. I am probably the worst about this. I worry about specific riders in the group and try to watch them in my mirrors. What I should be doing is focussing on riding my ride. There is nothing you can do for these people. They have to ride their motorcycles and you have to ride yours. If everyone is focussed on riding their own ride then everything will work.

You Are Always On Time: whatever time you get there is the right time. If you get there early, well you are still on time. If you get there late, well you are still on time. As long as you get there safe you are on time.