Two Years of Motorcycle Blogging!

I started this blog on January 1st, 2008. This past weekend marks our 2nd Anniversary! It was quite a year for us full of highs and lows but everything related to this online experience has been awesome. It was a great honor to be asked to write for East Coast Biker in March. It made me feel like a legitimate motorcycle journalist. It was an even bigger honor to be asked by Harley-Davidson to attend their 2010 Product Launch party in October along with reporters from main stream media including the Wallstreet Journal and Maxim magazine. Following our write up of that experience we received 1,200 hits in one day with a little help from Harley-Davidson’s Twitter account. They actually Twitted us twice in October; once for a safety tip article called Watch Those Wheels. That got us almost to 7,500 visitors for October. We received 6,701 visitors this past month without any special help. Our online store was extremely successful thanks to our 12 Volt Power Port catching on as a simple way to hook up a GPS unit to your motorcycle.

In November I experimented with adding adult content to our blog but decided it wasn’t inline with our goals for Road Captain USA. The Babe Page was eliminated within its first thirty days of inception. I did however add some new catagories in the fall that are here to stay. One of them is Tuesdays Tip where I write an informative safety tip article and publish it on a Tuesday.

Moving into 2010 I am excited to announce that I will be writing for the Examiner covering the topic of motorcycle travel for the Wilmington, DE edition. More information on how you too can become an Examiner in the near future. I am also excited to announce I have started writing a book that will be a motorcycle riders resource book for riders in Delaware. I started this project with enthusiasm one night and then dropped it like a bad habit. I guess it seemed kind of cold when compared to the interactive experience of writing online. I’ll have to get back to it but it might take me longer to write this book than originally anticipated.

I’m looking forward to some awesome experiences in 2010! I am currently serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2010 State Rally Comittee for the Delaware and Maryland State HOG Rally. I will continue to serve First State HOG as the Director, Road Captain and Webmaster. Glimmerman has planned a trip for First State to Niagra Falls which should be one heck of an adventure. I can’t wait to ride my motorcycle to another country with my fellow First Staters!

Please keep coming to our blog. Diana and I love to read your comments, so if you are lurking you need to start letting us know you are there. We appreciate the feedback and support from those of you who do leave comments. Let us know if there are topics you would like us to write about or events we should cover.

Remember: Ride and Have Fun!

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