Today’s Top Custom Bike Builders by Howard Kelly

To celebrate 50 years as America’s premier V-twin engine manufacturer, S&S Cycle commissioned 50 top bike builders from around the world to construct custom motorcycles powered by S&S engines for a gala motorcycle show at S&S world headquarters in Wisconsin. S&S Cycle Present’s Todays Top Custom Bike Builders showcases the bikes built for the event through the photography of master custom-bike photographer Michael Lichter.

I love the way this book was manufactured! I hate dust jackets and this book doesn’t have one. It has a leathette finished hard cover with embossed design, screen printed lettering and a spot label. Of course the photography by Michael Lichter is top notch and the Forward by Jay Leno is interesting because it’s Jay Leno. The book showcases 50 of the world’s top motorcycle builders and who would know better then S&S who those top builders are? If you want a book showing what the 50 top builders would build if commissioned to build a bike around an S&S engine then this is for you.  There are 50 short stories of “why this bike is cool” and each bike features three, four or five really good pictures.

Note: I have added Michael Lichter Photography Blog to my blogroll.

Top Custom Bike Builders