Harley-Davidson Archives Collection 2010 Calendar

Harley-Davidson Archives Collection 2010 Calendar

Click above image for more information about this calendar featuring vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Click here to read my book review of the Harley-Davidson Archives Collection.

What can you stick in this box?

Harley-Davidson Collector Box

I have these cool United Cutlery Harley-Davidson silver metal boxes with a spring loaded clasp at www.Shop.RoadCaptainUSA.com

What uses can you think of for the box?

It is meant to hold a collector Harley-Davidson pocket knife and comes with removeable foam inserts to hold a knife in place. However you can remove the foam inserts and use it for something like a dart case. I’m looking for you to put your thinking helmet on and come up with some suggestions. Capacity is 5.5″ x 2.25″ x .5″

Collector Box Inserts

Here it is pictured holding a Harley-Davidson Wolfpup Linerlock Folding Knife.

Wolfpup in collector box

2 Free Cartridges with the purchase of a TASER C2

Come to a Complete Stop

This week on Tuesday’s Tip: The benefits of coming to a complete stop at Stop signs.

This is specifically a tip for Road Captains leading medium to large groups. I am not instructing you to come to a complete stop at each and every stop sign, I am merely pointing out some of the advantages of doing so.

Coming to a complete stop and waiting for everyone to catch up and put their feet down is a good Road Captain habit. If you roll through intersections the tail end of the pack may have to run stop signs in an unsafe manner or stop and then exceed a safe speed in order to catch up with the pack. The tail may always be playing catch up like a slinky. By stopping and waiting for everyone to come to a complete rest you keep everyone together and can check to make sure you have the whole group. It also puts everyone at ease; no one will feel rushed. I think the best benefit is that everyone expects the bike in front of them to stop. When you have a group where most of the riders roll through the stop signs you have a dangerous situation because eventually someone is going to come to a complete stop and the guy behind him isn’t going to expect it. You may have a collision or a close call.

Is your butt irritated?

anti monkey butt powder

A company called Anti Monkey Butt Corporation makes a specially formulated powder for people who sit for long periods of time like motorcyclists. Anti Monkey Butt Powder and Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder are specially formulated to prevent “monkey butt” which is like diaper rash for adults! It happens when your ass gets sweaty and can’t breathe. Pretty picture huh? I had this affliction once on a hot day riding all the way to Snowshoe Ski Resort in West Virginia in July. When we got to a country store at the foot of the mountain after riding all day my arse was on fire! I ran into the store and bought a bottle of medicated Gold Bond powder. I ran in the bathroom and poured half the bottle into my jeans and came out of the bathroom all covered with the stuff!

The monkey people sent me a sample bottle to try out and write about. I tried it. I went into my bathroom one morning before a ride and powdered by bottom. I made sure to use a whole bunch of it to get the best affect. I think I got more powder on my bathroom floor in between all the tiles then is on Snowshoe Mountain all winter. I repowdered halfway through the day in a public restroom at an Exxon gas station. Boy is that awkward! Let me sneak this bottle of powder out of my t-bag and into the bathroom with me when all my friends aren’t looking so I can powder my butt! Then of course I made a mess again in the Exxon bathroom with all the powder. This isn’t practical although it does feel nice to have a smooth dry bum. I just don’t think the level of comfort achieved is worthy of stopping roadside to repowder every few hours.

The question that needs to be answered is:

Is this butt powder better than your average talcum powder?

I can’t tell you it is. I can tell you that powdering your butt feels good for a little while but I can’t see making a habit of it.

November 2009 East Coast Biker

2009 November east coast biker

Check out the November 2009 issue of East Coast Biker Online! Unfortunately Diana’s article got cut short by mistake. I think Norm and the crew got flustered due to the smok’n hot talent provided by glamour photographer Jack Watson and Playboy model Mia McKinley.

Most of Diana’s article is on pages 46 and 47. I wrote a review on the new Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo on page 48. My monthly Product Review is on page 62. Joker’s monthly New England Update is on pages 66 and 67.

This is the second issue I have seen that is easy on the eyes. Things are definitely look’n betterer at East Coast Biker thanks to recent additions Jack Watson and Michele Smith. Now we’re cook’n with fire!

Click Here to check out East Coast Biker Online!

Motorcycles and Hot Pin Up Girls

fast dates logo 

Road Captain USA is dedicated to providing practical information related to motorcycling and leaving cheesy to the other biker websites… ah screw it! Let’s have some fun today! Bring on the T&A!

If I was a single guy the first $9.95 I made each month would go toward a membership at FastDates.com where members have access to the most beautiful calendar pin up models in the world. Fast Dates publishes the famous Iron & Lace, Fast Dates and Garage Girls calendars.

Iron & Lace 2010 Calendar

Fast Dates is the brain child of Jim Gianatsis and Gianatsis Design Associates. Although Gianatsis Design offers a slew of marketing services the specialty is definitely motorcycle pin up girl calendars of the highest quality. The FastDates.com Calendar Kittens are some of the world’s most beautiful celebrity models, actresses, beauty pageant winners, centerfolds and adult film stars who have also appeared in Maxim, GQ, Playboy, Penthouse and Perfect 10 magazines. Included in a Fast Dates membership is access to thousands of large downloadable images of your favorite calendar models in sexy revealing pictures that couldn’t be put in the calendars!

Jim knows hot chicks and bikes… but who cares about bikes? With your Fast Dates membership you also get access to the Paddock Garage for sportbike and American V-Twin tuning and suspension tips from top builders and factory race teams. Editor, Pro Racer, Test Engineer and photographer Jim Gianatsis has helped develop factory racebikes and set up the superbikes of National Champions including Wes Coley, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey. Jim is one of the few motojournalists with direct access to top factory race teams. In Paddock Garage, Jim explains the theory of bike handling, suspension tuning, and engine performance modifications. He shows you how to correct any shortcomings or problems with a particular sportbike, and gives you the best ways to improve them. That’s boring… let’s get back to the half naked hot babes posing with outrageous customs.

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