Ultra Lite Harley Davidson pocket knife

Nife-o-maniacs rejoice! What is it about being a man and being addicted to… gizmos?! NO not sex! Show me a cool part that was machined on a CNC machine or the latest electronic gadget and I’ll be fascinated as will other men. It’s not like I ever need to protect myself but weapons have always been the holy grail of gizmoitis. Maybe there is a little Rambo in everyone. Guns, rifles, bazookas, cannons, catapults, ninja stars, swords, axes and tazers are just plain cooool! Pocket knives are a phenominon I just don’t undertstand! I have no need to carry one, hardly ever need to cut anything but I can easily spend an hour checking out the latest catalog from Blue Ridge Knives. I get excited when I hear names like Boker, Kabar, Kershaw and Gerber. Like gold coins, I want to collect them and then have no use for them. Ooooh, this one has a drop point bead blasted blade with “Harley-Davidson”  and the bar and shield logo laser etched on it. This one has a stainless steel removeable pocket clip! This one has CNC precision machined parts! This one has a lightning fast open assisted blade with ambidextrous thumb studs! This one has an aircraft grade T6 aluminum handle with rubber inlays for firm grip. I MUST HAVE IT!

Admit it! If you’re like me you order stuff on the Internet just so you can cut the package open with your pocket knife when it arrives on your doorstep.

Check out our new Harley-Davidson pocket knives from U.S. Cutlery at

Click here for the ultimate stocking stabber!

4 Responses to “Nife-o-maniac”

  1. Very cooooool! I love me a good knife!

  2. Me too…I’m thinking about it!

  3. jay, can you send me 6 or 7 with your image laser etched in the opposite side?

  4. Of course I can, and they will come in a custom leather belt holder that says “Screw It, Lets Ride!”

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