Come to a Complete Stop

This week on Tuesday’s Tip: The benefits of coming to a complete stop at Stop signs.

This is specifically a tip for Road Captains leading medium to large groups. I am not instructing you to come to a complete stop at each and every stop sign, I am merely pointing out some of the advantages of doing so.

Coming to a complete stop and waiting for everyone to catch up and put their feet down is a good Road Captain habit. If you roll through intersections the tail end of the pack may have to run stop signs in an unsafe manner or stop and then exceed a safe speed in order to catch up with the pack. The tail may always be playing catch up like a slinky. By stopping and waiting for everyone to come to a complete rest you keep everyone together and can check to make sure you have the whole group. It also puts everyone at ease; no one will feel rushed. I think the best benefit is that everyone expects the bike in front of them to stop. When you have a group where most of the riders roll through the stop signs you have a dangerous situation because eventually someone is going to come to a complete stop and the guy behind him isn’t going to expect it. You may have a collision or a close call.