Is your butt irritated?

anti monkey butt powder

A company called Anti Monkey Butt Corporation makes a specially formulated powder for people who sit for long periods of time like motorcyclists. Anti Monkey Butt Powder and Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder are specially formulated to prevent “monkey butt” which is like diaper rash for adults! It happens when your ass gets sweaty and can’t breathe. Pretty picture huh? I had this affliction once on a hot day riding all the way to Snowshoe Ski Resort in West Virginia in July. When we got to a country store at the foot of the mountain after riding all day my arse was on fire! I ran into the store and bought a bottle of medicated Gold Bond powder. I ran in the bathroom and poured half the bottle into my jeans and came out of the bathroom all covered with the stuff!

The monkey people sent me a sample bottle to try out and write about. I tried it. I went into my bathroom one morning before a ride and powdered by bottom. I made sure to use a whole bunch of it to get the best affect. I think I got more powder on my bathroom floor in between all the tiles then is on Snowshoe Mountain all winter. I repowdered halfway through the day in a public restroom at an Exxon gas station. Boy is that awkward! Let me sneak this bottle of powder out of my t-bag and into the bathroom with me when all my friends aren’t looking so I can powder my butt! Then of course I made a mess again in the Exxon bathroom with all the powder. This isn’t practical although it does feel nice to have a smooth dry bum. I just don’t think the level of comfort achieved is worthy of stopping roadside to repowder every few hours.

The question that needs to be answered is:

Is this butt powder better than your average talcum powder?

I can’t tell you it is. I can tell you that powdering your butt feels good for a little while but I can’t see making a habit of it.

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  1. mwhahahahahah! Oh man, I love that ad….although if I saw that monkey in my rear view sneaking up on me I would double tap his monkey butt.

    I have wore in my ass now so I don’t have too much problem, but on those hot day…I’m gonna give this one a shot. What the hell. Thanks

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