Motorcycles and Hot Pin Up Girls

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Road Captain USA is dedicated to providing practical information related to motorcycling and leaving cheesy to the other biker websites… ah screw it! Let’s have some fun today! Bring on the T&A!

If I was a single guy the first $9.95 I made each month would go toward a membership at where members have access to the most beautiful calendar pin up models in the world. Fast Dates publishes the famous Iron & Lace, Fast Dates and Garage Girls calendars.

Iron & Lace 2010 Calendar

Fast Dates is the brain child of Jim Gianatsis and Gianatsis Design Associates. Although Gianatsis Design offers a slew of marketing services the specialty is definitely motorcycle pin up girl calendars of the highest quality. The Calendar Kittens are some of the world’s most beautiful celebrity models, actresses, beauty pageant winners, centerfolds and adult film stars who have also appeared in Maxim, GQ, Playboy, Penthouse and Perfect 10 magazines. Included in a Fast Dates membership is access to thousands of large downloadable images of your favorite calendar models in sexy revealing pictures that couldn’t be put in the calendars!

Jim knows hot chicks and bikes… but who cares about bikes? With your Fast Dates membership you also get access to the Paddock Garage for sportbike and American V-Twin tuning and suspension tips from top builders and factory race teams. Editor, Pro Racer, Test Engineer and photographer Jim Gianatsis has helped develop factory racebikes and set up the superbikes of National Champions including Wes Coley, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey. Jim is one of the few motojournalists with direct access to top factory race teams. In Paddock Garage, Jim explains the theory of bike handling, suspension tuning, and engine performance modifications. He shows you how to correct any shortcomings or problems with a particular sportbike, and gives you the best ways to improve them. That’s boring… let’s get back to the half naked hot babes posing with outrageous customs.

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3 Responses to “Motorcycles and Hot Pin Up Girls”

  1. Every time I see these chicks now in their platform stripper shoes and skimpy outifts only one question seems to come to mind. Are there any young women who don’t have breast implants anymore? And of all those that pose on shiny custom bikes, do any of them acutally ride? I must be getting old, but give me the real deal. Give me a mature woman who rides her own bike and knows what she wants. A real biker with real boobs. Subtle crows feet and a few worry lines give a lady a certain appeal when she smiles; there is beauty in maturity. When the girls head south a little you know they are real and that gives ’em character. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t buy a calendar featuring chicks who look like Roseanne and Rosie O’Donnell, but I’m all set on these 20-something plastified bimbo posers. 40 something. Naturally curvy. Rides her own and will tell you to go shit in your hat if you piss her off. When they do a calendar with those ladies, I’ll buy it every year.

  2. We just might have to work on that, Joker. 😉

  3. I’m with Joker on this one. Too fake, too overdone, and too fake again. Nice enough photography and the bikes are good enough that they don’t anything else to embellish their chromeness.

    Joker, here’s a real woman for you:

    Sadly, she’d be 130 years old now but they knew how to make ’em hot even in 1900. I’m guess she broke a few hearts in her day.


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