Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg Freeriding Natural Terrain

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg of Metal Mulisha is amazing! Check out what he can do on natural terrain. Not like you can position the jumps in the just the right place or control where every rock is. A million things could go wrong.
Screw it! Let’s Ride!

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Ultra Lite Harley Davidson pocket knife

Nife-o-maniacs rejoice! What is it about being a man and being addicted to… gizmos?! NO not sex! Show me a cool part that was machined on a CNC machine or the latest electronic gadget and I’ll be fascinated as will other men. It’s not like I ever need to protect myself but weapons have always been the holy grail of gizmoitis. Maybe there is a little Rambo in everyone. Guns, rifles, bazookas, cannons, catapults, ninja stars, swords, axes and tazers are just plain cooool! Pocket knives are a phenominon I just don’t undertstand! I have no need to carry one, hardly ever need to cut anything but I can easily spend an hour checking out the latest catalog from Blue Ridge Knives. I get excited when I hear names like Boker, Kabar, Kershaw and Gerber. Like gold coins, I want to collect them and then have no use for them. Ooooh, this one has a drop point bead blasted blade with “Harley-Davidson”  and the bar and shield logo laser etched on it. This one has a stainless steel removeable pocket clip! This one has CNC precision machined parts! This one has a lightning fast open assisted blade with ambidextrous thumb studs! This one has an aircraft grade T6 aluminum handle with rubber inlays for firm grip. I MUST HAVE IT!

Admit it! If you’re like me you order stuff on the Internet just so you can cut the package open with your pocket knife when it arrives on your doorstep.

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Get Your 2010 Motorcycle Calendars Iron & Lace

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Metal Mulisha Remake

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Princess Road Captain

As a brand new rider, I was always cautious not to outride my abilities.  I was also careful to keep that same philosophy in mind when I upgraded to a big-twin Harley.  With the Super Glide’s lower center of gravity and greater stability it was easy to forget that I had only been riding for 3 years, not 3 decades.  My confidence grew quickly, and with it my skills developed as well.  I put 10,000 miles on my new bike the first year, and fellow First State HOG chapter members told me often that I was an accomplished rider.  It was even suggested that I enter our Road Captain training program.

My initial response was that I didn’t feel ready yet – I did not have a wide enough range of riding experiences.  I had only ridden on an Interstate once, had ridden in significant rain only once, hadn’t crossed any major bridges, had never gone on an overnight trip on my own bike, and hadn’t really seen any truly challenging twisties.  So I set myself some goals for the summer, and as it happened I accomplished nearly all of them in a single week that I put over 1500 miles on my bike.  It was like a whirlwind of opportunity and accomplishments.  I decided I was ready, but all of that just went to my head.

In mid-August school was about to begin and teachers came in for a week of training and preparation.  I rode my Harley to work every day.  We got out of a meeting a few minutes early and had 90 minutes for lunch one day.  I decided to take my bike for a nice ride around a few of the local back roads then pick up a quick sandwich at Wawa. 

Not being incredibly familiar with the roads, I missed my turn.  So I rode down to the next side street and make a quick u-turn…a little too quick!  My front tire slid off the side of the pavement and dropped into the grass, my handlebars jackknifed, and I just let her go down.  I knew that I was no match for an 800-pound Harley!  Luckily, a young man came driving down the road just then.  He helped me get the bike upright, then dashed back off in his car just as quickly as he had appeared.

“When you get overconfident, that’s when something snaps up and bites you.”

– Neil Armstrong

Then the bike wouldn’t start.  Ouch, I really did it this time.  Not only did I get overconfident and stop paying as close attention as I should, but now I am stranded in the middle of nowhere with no tools, a completely misaligned footpeg, a loose mirror that wouldn’t stay put, and a bike that won’t start!  (I was lucky nothing was actually broken.)  I honestly don’t know what I did, but somehow taking the key out and playing with the clock/odometer display cleared out the error code and I was able to start the motor.

So much for my ride.  So much for my lunch.  I rode quietly back to school with my tail between my legs, bruised ego, and beating myself up for being so careless.  I had always been so careful to ride within my capabilities and to keep a strong mental focus while riding.  Geez, I am an idiot!

As it happened, it was that very evening that our new Head Road Captain called to officially invite me to join the training program.  Then he said something that made me wonder if he was wise beyond even his own awareness.  He said, “You are a good rider, but don’t get ahead of yourself.  Overconfidence will cause anyone, no matter how experienced, to make mistakes.”

“Trust me, I know,” I replied…

Three Ways to Win a Free Motorcycle

OCC Mobile Oil Bike

Time is running out to enter the drawing for an Orange County Choppers theme bagger built for Mobile Oil and a trip to Daytona Bike Week. You have until November 30th to enter. Click Here to enter. 50 runners up receive Mobile 1 Motorcycle Oil shirts and hats.

Harley-Davidson has been collaborating with RIDES Magazine to create custom bikes for recording artists Ludacris and Shawnna to gear up for the release of their album “Battle of the Sexes”. The artists worked with RIDES and “New York Nick” Genender, shop owner of NYC Choppers, to create bikes that reflect their individual personalities. Check out this link

RIDES is also giving away a bike to one lucky winner: a customized 2010 Harley-Davidson Road Glide® Custom, created in part with suggestions by RIDES readers. Learn more about the bike and enter for a chance to win it at

Harley-Davidson has declared November “Military Appreciation Month” to honor the services of active and retired U.S. military personnel. Ever since the first American troops rode Harley-Davidson motorcycles during the Mexican Expedition in 1916, the Motor Company has enjoyed a bond with the men and women who have served our nation. The “Harley Salutes the Military Contest” created in partnership with Maxim magazine, gives active or retired personnel the chance to win a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle of their choice – delivered personally by Marisa Miller. The winner will also receive Rider’s Edge training and four tickets to attend the January 2nd, 2010 Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas. Click here to enter and get exclusive downloads.