Harley-Davidson Hi-Vis Womens Rainsuit 98250-10VW

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It wasn’t too long ago that we were criticising Harley-Davidson’s selection of riding gear for women. I believe that Harley-Davidson has realized that real women riders are a viable market and they listened to the complaints. Finally women can buy attractive functional riding gear and also motor clothes that a professional can wear to work. It’s not just biker whore and giant mama anymore!

I saw this new women’s rain suit at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson during the Smyrna Fall Open House and even though we had no money I told Diana she had to go inside and check it out. For $175 it’s actually a great buy. The list of features is long.

First off I think Harley’s hi viz orange is a great color. Secondly this jacket has awesome reflective graphics on the back of the jacket that kicks butt! The jacket has a hood and a fitted elastic waist; this isn’t a just a relabeled men’s rainsuit. The pants come up high past the waist to keep H2O out. The pants have suspenders and stirups to keep everything where it should be. The butt has a grippy bottom so you don’t slide around on your seat. There are heat shields on both legs so your pants don’t melt onto your exhaust pipes. The best feature is probably how the pants completely open up the sides making entry much easier than most rain pants. You can zip them down from the top or up from the bottom, it’s your choice.  The rainsuit packs into its own little Harley-Davidson duffle bag. Although Diana has not road tested the rain suit yet, you can tell she likes it a lot.

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2 Responses to “Harley-Davidson Hi-Vis Womens Rainsuit 98250-10VW”

  1. Diana, I have the Men’s version. It is simply the best rain gear I’ve ever worn. It goes on fast, keeps the water OUT, packs down tight, dries off quickly and is about as visible as anything that doesn’t have to be plugged in.

  2. Well put Dorrman. Nice writing!

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