Custom HOG Officer Patches

custom hog officer patch

Those of you familiar with the inner workings of HOG know that Norscott is the only company licensed to make and sell HOG merchandise using the Harley Owners Group logo’s and trademarks. Norscott has 19 different Chapter Officer Patches. These are the black felt arch shaped patches that say “DIRECTOR” or “ROAd CAPTAIN” in gold thread. Norscott will not make custom made officer patches. So what do you do if your chapter has an officer position that is unique to your chapter that Norscott doesn’t make? You go out and find somone to make it since these patches don’t use any regristered trademarks or logo’s. I saw some bad knock offs at POT. Either the shape was not right, or the gold thread looked off, or the black felt just wasn’t a match. But the officers from the Cut N Shoot Chapter in Texas had some really good ones with their nicknames on them. They turned me onto their supplier Corporate Logos Inc. which is one of their members. You can e-mail Rex at or call him at 1-800-926-9130.

Rex will make custom HOG Officer Patches at $7.00 each plus shipping. I ordered a QUARTERMASTER patch and three AMBASSADOR patches and they came out great.

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  1. That’s really COOL! I’m definitely going to look into that for Blackstone. As you know, we can get somewhat…”creative!”

  2. Great tip.

  3. I’ll be ordering a few too.

  4. How are the officer’s patches ordered from Norscot? I can’t seem to find anything on their website for these types of patches. Thanks!

  5. Try this…

  6. Or you might have to log in to the HOG website, click on “Memberobilia” and then in the top left hand side of the Memberobilia page look for “Merchandise”

  7. Thanks fro the fast reply Doorman, your link came back with “INternal Server Fail”. On my way to the HOG site!


  8. I found the site and a link to the order form for patches and pins. I guess I’m slightly confused, I still can’t seem to find the “officer’s” patches. Jay mentions in his story that there are 19 different chapter officer patches. I see people at HOG rides with them, how do they get them? The order form only mentions past year patches and pin replacement. Sorry if I’m being a bonehead with this.

  9. Is there a page there with “Chapter Patches” on it? It could also be that you have to be an officer to buy officer patches. Ummmm….? How most chapters get patches is they renew their Charter with mother HOG. Once you renew (in January) HOG sends out a box of material to the Chapter Director and he/she is supposed to distribute the patches, Officer medallions, and such to the appropriate Officers.

  10. Thanks Doorman, much appreciated! Makes perfect sense. I’m not an officer in my chapter, just a curious cat. I appreciate your time!

  11. Along with the packet of materials that mother HOG sends out to each chapter at the beginning of the year is a handful of Norscott catalogs. That is where I counted the 19 patches available.

  12. Thanks Jay!

  13. Fabulous information – These patches are gold dust as HOG doesn’t mention additional discretional Chapter Officers patches – and I’ts Merchandising Officer and Quartermaster that I’m interested in.
    Will they export to the UK I wonder ?

    Rgds Mark

  14. I have no idea, contact Rex and ask him.

  15. The link below is to an Australian based company that makes clothing and patches specifically for the H.O.G. community. They have the H.O.G. officer rockers for all positions I have seen in three years of H.O.G. membership. The URL is:

    I tried to order from it, but could not get past the requirement to list my state, which doesn’t appear on their list, Will try again when I have more time and report back.

  16. I would like to get a black patch with white lettering that reads: ROAD PRIVATE

    Who could I order something like this from?

  17. Check with Rex at Corporate Logos – see contact info in above post.

  18. Thanks, but they do not do single patches. Minimum order is 50. I only need and want one ROAD PRIVATE patch.

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