Custom HOG Officer Patches

custom hog officer patch

Those of you familiar with the inner workings of HOG know that Norscott is the only company licensed to make and sell HOG merchandise using the Harley Owners Group logo’s and trademarks. Norscott has 19 different Chapter Officer Patches. These are the black felt arch shaped patches that say “DIRECTOR” or “ROAd CAPTAIN” in gold thread. Norscott will not make custom made officer patches. So what do you do if your chapter has an officer position that is unique to your chapter that Norscott doesn’t make? You go out and find somone to make it since these patches don’t use any regristered trademarks or logo’s. I saw some bad knock offs at POT. Either the shape was not right, or the gold thread looked off, or the black felt just wasn’t a match. But the officers from the Cut N Shoot Chapter in Texas had some really good ones with their nicknames on them. They turned me onto their supplier Corporate Logos Inc. which is one of their members. You can e-mail Rex at or call him at 1-800-926-9130.

Rex will make custom HOG Officer Patches at $7.00 each plus shipping. I ordered a QUARTERMASTER patch and three AMBASSADOR patches and they came out great.